Dfo Skill Crit Dmg Stack With Great Gloray

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May 30, 2019  Having this skill increases your chances of dealing critical hits and also increases your critical damage. With this skill, you’ll be able to get more critical shots often and makes it easier to take down enemies. When the skills you need to choose from don’t include the best, these are the skills you should consider. At level 50, the Specialist awakens as a Core Master then at level 75, the Core Master awakens as a Pathfinder. Starts at +50%, increases to +100% at 3★, and increases to +120% at 4★. Mysterious skills, a type of EX skill from [email protected] collab weapons, are boosted by the Ranko Kanzaki summon. Starts at 30%, increases to 50% at 3★, and increases to 66% at 4★. For more details on damage multipliers and team building strategy. A hit of damage that has a X% chance to shock is capable of inflicting shock. Critical strikes always inflict shock regardless of their chance to shock. Modifiers to chance to shock can be found on some gems, equipment, and the passive skill tree. By default, only lightning damage is able to inflict shock. Some skill effects and modifiers, such as Shocking Ground and Summon.

Dfo skill crit dmg stack with great glory of godDfo skill crit dmg stack with great glory of god

Dfo Skill Crit Dmg Stack With Great Glory 1

The Idea of the build

•Only 2 mandatory Uniques needed
•No 6 Link required, only a 6 socket staff
•Health stacking while stacking Intelligence!
•Use Cast While Channel to get nearly 3 Ice Storms per second, much more than if self cast.
•100% Cold-Fire conversion with Avatar of Fire & Cold to Fire Gem.
•Scales Incinerate & Ice Storm damage
•Budget version only requires Mask of the Stitched Demon and 6 Socket Whispering Ice.
•Moderate investment means getting a Kaom's Heart.
•Astramentis is optional due to ease of acquiring Talisman with ~15% increased attributes.
•Huge potential for upgrades since you use so many rares. And all you need is INT and high life rolls! (in additional of course, to res to keep you capped)

Come by and chat if you have anything to discuss about this build!
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Path of Building

Videos so far, more to come!

T14 Dig
T12 Defiled Cathedral
T11 Collonade

Is This Build ACTUALLY Budget?!?
Prices refer to Incursion League
In addition to the unique items being cheap, they are also farmable! See the SSF section at the bottom of this guide!
•Whispering Ice was 5c 1st day of the league and less than 1c by day 2.
•6 Socketing the Whispering Ice could be the most expensive part of this build! All depends on your luck, or if you wanna just buy a 6 Socket one!
•Mask of the Stitched Demon was 10c day 2 and around 5c after a few days.
•You can literally use any Unique armour or a rare with lots of stats because you never have to 6 link it.
•Astramentis goes around 15c, but you'd prob want to spend a little more for a good roll. The amulet you see in the gear section cost me 1 Alc, nd it has 16% inc attributes plus some other useful stats.
•Brute Force Solution - Each one cost me 1-3c for perfect of 1 off perfect rolls.
Non-Budget, but not really expensive either!
• Kaom's Heart w/ 35% fire dmg cost me 160c a little more than a week into the league.

Current Gear

Class and Ascendencies - w/ Explanations
•Class: Witch
•Ascendency: Elementalist
1st: Pendulum of Destruction
2nd: Mastermind of Discord
3rd: Paragon of Calamity
4th: Liege of the Primordial
•Pendulum and Mastermind are obvious
•The biggest struggle was if I wanted to go for Beacon. I chose not to mainly because I felt like the Paragon would offer more survivability.
Lets look at what Shaper/Beacon give us:
Able to shock every 6/14 seconds, Free Prolif, 20% more ignite dmg and a good chance at 20% more dmg every 6/14 seconds.
---This is a really good option for damage, since our spells hit so many times the chances of one of them critting is pretty high.
---The Free prolif would be really nice to help clear as well as keep ignite up for Immolate dmg.
---The Chill every 6/14 seconds would be nice, but almost seems negligible.
Basically, the only thing that made me excited about Shaper/Beacon was the 20% more damage from shocks. And it would not have been up for less than half of the time, and not a guarantee since we run Controlled Destruction and only have 5% chance to crit.
I figured all the benefits of Paragon/Liege were a lot more consistent and beneficial.
Lets look at what Paragon and Liege give us:
---0.5% dmg leeched as life
---Reflect immunity
---Chance to get 40% increased damage (when hit by any fire dmg)
---Chance to take 8% less ele damage (when hit by that type of damage)
---40% inc damage since we'll have out 2 golems
---increased buffs from the Golems (in my case, cast speed and damage since I'm running Flame % Lightning Golem)
Since clearing packs and keeping them off me is not the issue, I'm more focused on surviving and boss fights. and I figured the leech, reflect immunity and reduced ele dmg was too good of defenses to pass up.
On top of that, I do still get decent increases in damage. 40% (from golems) 30% (from flame golem with his buffed state) 40% (if hit by fire dmg) and 4.5% cast speed (from Lightning Golem buffed)

Current Skill Tree w/ Explanation

Tree at lvl 87
•Each Jewel slot is using a Brute Force Solution to convert the STR into INT.
•I take the Fending cluster, our spells hit so often that enemies are almost perm-knocked back.
•Currently 194% life on tree. With 39% more to get if we use our next 8 levels on just life.

Skill Tree Leveling Guide (Coming Soon!)
Coming Soon!

Solaris - phys reduction and chance to take half damage from aoe is great
-Reduced ele dmg synergizes well with Paragon.
-Crit dmg and ailments avoidance is also very nice!
Tukohama - We channel, so gaining phys reduction and life regen while stationary is really good.

SSF Guide!
Here's how you get the 3 required uniques!
•Mask of the Stitched Demon Upgrade your Sanctum of Immortality to tier 3 - Mask can drop here
•Kaom's Heart div cards can be found in the following areas
-Marshes T2
-Volcano T4
-Caldera T13
-Lava Lake T15
(Can drop in these Act 1-10 zones, but pretty low chance! The Coast, The Karui Fortress, The Mud Flats, The Tidal Island)
•Whispering Ice div cards can be found in the following areas
-Burial Chambers T3
-Spider Forest T11
Astramentis div cards can be found in the following areas
-Relic Chambers T4
-Can drop in Reliquary act 5 & 10, but pretty low chance!
Talisman with increased attributes?
-I'm not sure if there's a reliable way to farm these, if anyone can chime in that would be great!

Leveling Guide!

I will list the when to get specific skill gems and how to set them up if you are using this as a league starter or you don't have leveling items or currency to buy them.
Along with each level, I will put good options for leveling gear if you already have or want to go buy. These are usually reallllyyy cheap.
Remember, always be on the lookout for 3 and 4 links early.
1. Level 1: Start with Freezing Pulse - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-buy a Arcane Surge. Keep it at level 1.
-I recommend 2 quicksilvers, 1 mana and 2 life flask. 3 Quicksilver are also fine. Up to you!
Recommended Uniques: Goldrim - Wanderlust - Lifesprig
2. Level 4: get Flame Totem - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-Now you just drop Totem and run, maybe shooting a Freezing Pulse to drive by mobs if you run out of Quicksilver charges.
3. Level 10: Get Flame Dash
4. Level 12: Get Incinerate
You can level with Incinerate - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Combustion
Recommended Uniques:
Storm Prison, Axiom Perpetuum.
Recommended Uniques that are kinda expensive but super fast:
-Level 12 Get two Poet's Pens
-Poet's Pen #1: Unearth - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Bodyswap
-Poet's Pen #2: Volatile Dead - Added Cold - Added Lightning
-Attack Skill: Frenzy - Lesser multiple Projectiles - Life Gain on Hit
-If you go this route, you don't even really need to drop totems to level. You use an attack skill and the Pen cast all the stuff for you!
5. Level 16: Get and use Herald of Ash.
Recommended Uniques:
-Nomic's Storm is 40% movement speed pretty much always up.
-Atziri's Foible is a great mana item.
-Perandus Blazon helps with attributes a bunch.
6. Level 18:
For Incinerate link Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Combustion
Recommended Uniques: Cloak of Flames
If you're running Poet's Pens set your attack skill to Frenzy - LMP - Faster Attacks - Life Gain on Hi. Also, setup your Volatile Dead with Elemental Focus and Concentrated Effect.
7. Level 24: Get a Flammability.
8. Level 31: Get a Blasphemy. Link your Flammability to it and run it as a curse.
Recommended Uniques: Le Heup of All ring. If you're using Poet's Pens a Thief's Torment is great!
9. Level 34:
Get a Chaos Golem and a Flame Golem. Use whichever you feel. Get an Immortal Call, don't level it past lvl 8.
10. Level 38:
Buy your Whispering Ice and get it 6 socketed if you haven't already! Remember, you DO NOT need to link it at all, so don't waste fusing! It's time to switch!
Put these gems into your Whispering Ice: Incinerate - Cast While Channeling - Cold to Fire - Immolate - Controlled Destruction
-Buy your Astramentis or a rare amulet with at at least 15% increased attributes.
-Hopefully you've made your way to being 1 point away from Avatar of Fire, get it!
-Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 6) - Immortal Call (lvl 8)
****CWDT Setup - Very important to only level these gems up as stated!
Put a Brute Force Solution into any jewel slots you have taken so far!
**Reminder: Make sure you have gems that are needed for your final setup leveling in any extra slots, as well as in your weapon swap!***
11. Level 58: Buy a Mask of the Stitched Demon! Tons of Life!
12. Level 68: Buy a Kaom's Heart if you can afford it! And we're DONE! Enjoy!

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Use PoB instead of Poeplanner.
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Use PoB instead of Poeplanner.

You got it, PoB is up as well as 2 videos!
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on Jun 11, 2018, 10:50:28 AM
3 videos up! Leveling guide for gems/gear is up! Skill tree leveling guide up soon!
This build is been pretty fun, easily handles up to T14 maps (haven't tried anything higher) and I still have lots of room to upgrade... My rings are lvl 38 and 29, I barely have any life on gear and I have a grand total of 19 INT on gear =/
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on Jun 13, 2018, 12:25:15 AM
I tried playing around with Mask of the Stitched Demon myself, but I didn't happen upon considering a WI build. Nice combination.
How do you feel about having a 6 minute clear time for Dig? (from 1:20 to 7:20)
added to the listing.
Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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on Jun 23, 2018, 10:33:58 AM
I tried playing around with Mask of the Stitched Demon myself, but I didn't happen upon considering a WI build. Nice combination.
How do you feel about having a 6 minute clear time for Dig? (from 1:20 to 7:20)
added to the listing.

I feel like that's mostly my fault and not the build's. It's definitely not a fast build, but I'm notoriously slow lol. I spend a lot of time mis-clicking trying to pick up items or open chest, I channel at nothing, my pathing through maps is usually inefficient. I think someone who is good at clearing quickly could watch that video and see a ton of ways I wasted time.
Also, it is a very budget build and using some different skills very much outside of the clearspeed meta. Not to mention if I can get more than 19 INT on gear my damage could be much better!
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on Jun 24, 2018, 12:40:46 AM
I think there is something I did not understand :
Why don't you use a Pyre Sapphire Ring instead of spending 3 points to go for Avatar of Fire ?
Budget reason or I am missing something ?
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on Aug 29, 2018, 5:33:17 PM
Ok, I found the answer, it looks like I was stuck in 2.6.0 where '100% of Cold Damage Converted to Fire Damage' ...
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on Sep 2, 2018, 5:09:16 PM
Ok, I found the answer, it looks like I was stuck in 2.6.0 where '100% of Cold Damage Converted to Fire Damage' ...

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on Sep 9, 2018, 4:39:22 AM