Dmg Inc Vs Crit Dmg

Posted : admin On 12/28/2021

So here is something that bugs me. A while ago Riot started to get rid of randomness inside the game by removing the 3% crit chance in the masteries section and by removing the ability to dodge. While this was a good attempt they actually didn´t remove the lvl 1 lucky crit situation that can result into winning your lane.
Some people still use 1% crit chance from 1 Mark for the opportunity to win the lane jsut by a lucky crit during early trades even though they suffer with 1 less Armorpen.
How does crit chance work?
As we all know, if you have 20% crit chance and you don´t crit with an AA you will more likely crit with the next one. On the other hand if you crit, you next AA won´t have a crit chance of 20%. So basically out of an average of 100 Autoattacks you will do 20% more damage than without the crit chance.
My question is now: Why won´t riot substitute the % crit chance with a simple % damage amplification similar to what rabadons does. The 1% crit won´t be impactfull at all an the randomness issue is solved!
What do you guys think. Would %dmg amplification be a better system than crit chance? (i know lucky crits are fun, but pls review this issue seriously)
TL/DR: Replace %crit chance with %dmg ampl. for less randomness at lvl 1-5
not a native speaker, so have mercy pls <3

Jan 19, 2018  Mod Question: Offense v. Critical Damage. Prev 1 2 Next. = Base dmg + (CC × 0.5× Base dmg). So to begin with the damages we are comparing are 186% crit damage vs. 216% crit damage, a difference of 30% crit damage. 100/(186/30) = a 16.12% increase in damage from crit damage mods. This is modified by your crit chance, but. Inc better than fixed attack bonuses? Like for ex: Dmg. Inc 2% vs 39 atk. Which one is better? Save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 2 points 1 year ago. Damage Inc Crit Damage Inc Atk. Damage Inc applies to.

Dmg Inc Vs Crit Dmg 2017

  1. Crit should completely remade into autoattack% amplify, it increases to 200% with 100% crit chance and 200% crit damage, getting a formula for that is quite easy: dmg = baseDMG.(1-critchance)+baseDMG.critchance.critdmg.
  2. Mar 29, 2012  Has anyone crunched the numbers and determined which starship weapon modifier (or combination of modifiers) gives the best dps when comparing CrtH (+2% crit chance), CrtD (+20% crit damage), and Dmg (I think +2% damage, might be more like.