Does Crit Rating Increase Crit Dmg Legion

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Nov 07, 2016  Highest crit in legion content so far? The 300% dmg multiplier doubledips with how GS stacks damage with frostbolts/icicles. The actual GS does not actually do. Mar 24, 2015  What's more important for PvE: weapon damage or weapon crit? Weapon damage and crit enter the conversation, because it is a secondary thing. Having a lot of weapon/spell damage or crit does not make your build good or make you a good damage dealer by default. Having a solid rotation and build makes you good. ESRB Rating Pending. It does not give you 100% chance to crit. Instead, it gives you a base 3% bonus, which increases every second that passes without you getting a crit. However, 1 second after you crit, it resets back to the base 3% bonus. Yes, it gives you a guaranteed crit for the first attack, but the bonus becomes much smaller over the course of the fight. Feb 16, 2014  Crit chance makes it more likely for you to get a critical hit. Crit damage adds damage to any critical hits you get. So if you have 10% critical strike, +20% critical damage and deal 100 damage, it means theres a 10% chance each attack that you'll hit for 220 damage.

Does crit rating increase crit dmg legion 1

Any skill that can crit will be affected by ArPen anyway, so saying you have no use for ArPen because your skills don't use it, means you have no use for crit. chance or crit. damage either.
Now, while I'm here I might as well compare the runes. I'm going to compare marks only though:
Armor Penetration
The formula for damage reduction from armor is 'Damage Reduction = Total Armor / (100 + Total Armor)'. You get 18 armor penetration from runes, and most champions at level 1 have around 18 armor or less, so in the best case scenario at level 1 you'd be bringing them from 18/(100+18) = 15% reduced damage to 0% reduced damage, for a 15% boost in your attack damage. Your typical level 18 Ashe has 70 base armor, for 70/(100+70) = 41% damage reduction, and your runes would bring that down to 52/(100+52) = 34% damage reduction, which results in a 7% increase in your attack damage. At 100 armor your runes give you a 5% damage increase, and it gets lower from there.
Critical Chance
This is much more straightforward. 10% crit. chance means you get a 10% increase in your damage output over time. Since you can get 8% crit chance from runes, that means an 8% damage increase overall, remaining constant till endgame. If you purchase an Infinity Edge at some point, these runes will give you a 12% damage increase instead. Since this gets affected by armor, using the example from the ArPen runes:
Against 18 armor: 6.8% damage increase
Against 70 armor: 4.72% damage increase
Against 100 armor: 4% damage increase
With IE against 70 armor: 7% damage increase.
With IE against 100 armor: 6% damage increase.
Critical damage
The problem here is that this relies on you having critical chance to begin with. If you start with Brawler's Gloves that'd set you at 8% crit chance, with a 22% damage increase from runes that'd give you a 9.76% damage increase. However, this is counting the 8% damage increase you got from the glove, so actually you only get a whopping 1.76% damage increase out of the runes. With 50% crit chance, you get an 11% damage increase, and with 70% crit. chance you get an 15% damage increase. Now, let's bring armor to the mix:
18 armor, 8% crit. chance: 1.49% damage increase
70 armor, 50% crit. chance: 6.49% damage increase
70 armor, 70% crit. chance: 8.85% damage increase
To sum up:
Best early game rune: Armor Penetration.
Worst early game rune: Critical Damage, by far.
Best late game rune: Critical Damage (highly dependent on your itemization, as in: you need lots of crit. rate). Second best would be Critical Chance (with IE), or Armor Penetration (without IE). The difference is pretty marginal.
Oh, and the equation for calculating the extra damage added by critical damage is '(Crit. Damage*Crit. Chance)-(100*Crit. Chance)'. Crit. Damage is on a base of 100 Crit. Damage (IE = 150, Crit. Damage Marks = 122).
Note: Remember Critical Damage relies on you spending lots of money on crit. chance items, money that you could've spent on damage for equal or even better effects with the other runes. Don't just look blindly at these numbers and go 'ZOMG THESE R THE ROONS I NEED', do the math with several different item builds to be sure they're the ones that fit you best.

Although I've been playing ESO since pre-release last year, I still don't fully understand weapon damage vs. weapon critical and when each is more important than the other. I used to think weapon crit was more important in PvE and weapon damage in PvP, but then someone told me I had that backwards. So I'd really appreciate the forum community's insights.
My main is a vr14 Imperial Templar DPS using 2h sword and a bow since pre-release. She also has leveled both staffs to 50. I've made it all the way through Cadwell's s/g with her, done my share of PvP, and plenty of other achievements. But damage vs. crit is still a question for me, especially now with stamina builds having their day since 1.6 release.
Thanks in advance to everyone who participates in this discussion.

Look, I am not a specialist of min / max, but using logic occurs to me the following.
Normal damage is sustained (uniform).
The critical damage is sporadic (depends on chance%)
In PvE you can position yourself in an almost static position and constantly make an impact since it is easy to predict the motion of an NPC.

In PvP do not know if you're going to hit or miss since the other player moves randomly.
Having a chance to blow a player is more difficult and perhaps you miss a chance of critical so unless the crit chance is high I do not see recommended for PvP. The problem of normal damage in PvP is that it may not be enough to lower an opponent's life and given a chance to heal, so a good chance of critical can be more profitable.

Does Crit Rating Increase Crit Dmg Legion 1

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In PvE, hit is easier and NPCs do not heal so fast so maybe it is not necessary to use critical and perhaps normal damage sustained in the long run is better.