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1. A place that is exceptionally popular with or important to a specific group of people. This place has long been considered Mecca for fans of horror movies.Los Angeles is something of a Mecca for aspiring actors.
2. The very best place to see, obtain, or enjoy something; the most important place relating to something. This town is Mecca for barbecue—chefs here treat it like a true art form.Tokyo, specifically the area known as Akihabara, is considered by many to be the Mecca for anime, video games, and all sorts of other wonderfully geeky things.
  1. The NOAD uses Mecca in both the cases. Holland is a Mecca for jazz enthusiasts. In the Corpus of Contemporary American, you find sentences with Mecca (where the word is used figuratively), and sentences with mecca. The experience alarmed the city fathers of Appenzell, pop. 5,600, who worried that the town might become a Mecca for the unclad.
  2. Jan 02, 2013  What he was looking forward to was not much different from the expectations of most other boys: action, adventure, excitement. During this period in his life, World War One broke out. After the war came to an end, Leopold Weiss spent about two years studying, in a somewhat desultory fashion, the history of art and philosophy at the University.

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Mecca Things to Do in Mecca Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the historic heart and spiritual center of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad lived here, and it is believed the Angel Gabriel appeared to him in the nearby desert. For many, a visit to Mecca is the most important religious and spiritual journey of their life. Apr 01, 2009  In her personal memoir, From MTV To Mecca - How Islam Inspired My Life, the former musical television video jockey (VJ) gives us a full account of her spiritual journey to Islam. Though faced by many challenges, her strong faith gave her the inner peace she had always sought.

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Fig. a place that is frequently visited by a particular group of people because it is important to them for some reason. (From the city of Mecca, the religious center of Islam.) New York City is a Mecca for theatergoers.St. Andrews is a Mecca for golf enthusiasts because of its famous course.

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