Is Status Chance But Better Than Dmg

Posted : admin On 12/28/2021
What does it do exactly in One Hand & Shield weapon? I understand that if you use an inferno or lightning staff with charged trait you will have more chances of applying the Burning or Concussed status to the target. And that a charged weapon with poison glyph will have more chances of applying Poisoned status.
But what happens if you use the Charged trait in a 1H weapon & Shield with Weaking glyph? What happens if you use a bow with a Charged trait and Oblivion glyph or Weapon glyph? What happens when you use weapons or glyphs that dont give status by themselves?
Also, if you have a charged weapon in the front bar and you use Wall of Elements from the second bar with an infused lightning, will you have more chances of applying Concussed after you swap to front bar again? Cause I think the Concussed procs more often now that I use a Charged Alkosh dagger in 1bar and a lightning destro in the second bar. Maybe its just my imagination...
Is Status Chance But Better Than Dmg
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  • Right/yellow path gives you a 10/14% dmg boost, another gap closer better than windfury that gives a +8% dmg buff, and improvements to Thunder Cut and Shield Bash. Distributing Weapon Mastery Points. Move Speed - 15. Elemental Resistance - 15. CRIT DMG - Spend however many points you need to cap your c. Dmg against bosses.
  • Mar 05, 2010  Obviously, Crit Chance is better for Tryndamere. Crit Chance is nice if you're going Infinity Edge. Crit Chance is decent if you love burst damage to the point of marriage. Other than that, Armor Pen is better. I don't have as much of a problem with people choosing Crit Chance as I do with people choosing Crit Damage, and the math isn't as.
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Rogues can up their dmg from their weapons and such, mages can only do about 500 dmg with frostbolts. With this ring, it ups our dmg with frostbolts to 533.) This is the only type of item that'll up a mage/warlocks spell dmg, more intellect/stamina/spirit aren't gonna do crap if we can't even kill them.