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Mar 23, 2019  Download MacOS High Sierra DMG Without App Store. If you looking on the internet a MacOS High Sierra DMG So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you a Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 direct download without an app store. Mac OS operating system it’s too much popular in the world for security vise and a lot of cool features, Apple Upgrade the operating system Sierra to High. Jan 24, 2018 Download Mac OS X 10.12 MacOS Sierra.ISO – Download Sierra.DMG installer – Hackintosh – VMWare + Virtual box images -MacOS Sierra Torrent download – Without using Apple Store ID. MacOS Sierra has been released officially. However, in this topic, we share two methods to download and get MacOS Sierra. Download Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 DMG Files. If you looking on the internet a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 DMG Files So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you a Mac OS Sierra DMG direct download without an app store this Apple operating system with so many new cool features added and all bugs fixed. You can direct updated to High Sierra from the apple store and download from direct link. Sep 20, 2016  The new Mac operating system offers more than a name change. MacOS Sierra version 10.12 moves Apple's desktop OS closer to its mobile counterpart, gaining.

While macOS Mojave and even macOS Catalina has been out for a while now, but there might be several reasons why macOS High Sierra might be best for you. Now for installing that, you will probably need a macOS High Sierra DMG file we’ve provided with direct links. One of those reasons which might have stopped from the upgrade to macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina is its compatibility. While macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave require some newer Macs to be installed on and prevent other Macs to install macOS High Sierra. While there are some ways to skip that and install macOS Mojave or install macOS Catalina on your unsupported Mac but that’s not always the only option to take.

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Another reason which might have stopped you from upgrading or installing macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina is its performance. Though macOS Catalina has all of the macOS Mojave features and a lot more than those features, even new features especially Dark Mode which most loves. Another useful feature that might really help is Stacks, it organizes and turns mess into a clean desktop by putting files and folders into one according to them.

Just like the old proverb which is “Old is gold”, those features and things mightn’t be enough to impress you. I completely understand that, because I did the same when Windows 10 was out, I didn’t upgrade for a quite while. Apart from this, even if you’re compatible for Catalina, installing macOS Catalina might pop up some problems at least like its dropping support for 32-bit apps which many users complain about.

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Download macOS High Sierra DMG File – (Direct Links)

Whatever the reason, installing macOS High Sierra might suit perfectly. Now for installing macOS High Sierra which is different from installing macOS High Sierra on VMware or installing macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox on Windows requires to download macOS High Sierra DMG file. Although macOS High Sierra DMG file is served by Apple and is easy to approach from a Mac but it doesn’t mean it’s working always. From a Mac, all you’ve to do is open the App Store, search for macOS High Sierra and it will appear.

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But if you’re using operating systems other than macOS High Sierra, it requires a little searching. But with all those, it’s not only much more complicated but also problematic. Times are when you search and even find macOS High Sierra DMG file, it mightn’t work or sometimes it will restart or one of the most frequent ones is downloading not the latest version but older ones. Like when you try to download macOS High Sierra from the App Store or from the Apple website, it prompts to download macOS High Sierra’s some previous version or builds.

That’s why we noticed a huge amount of users searching to download macOS High Sierra DMG file. While there are lots of websites which offer macOS High Sierra DMG file but most doesn’t work or are malicious or are old versions of it that isn’t really useful. So we put a step forward to meet the requirments of the users to download macOS High Sierra DMG file error-free and without worries. What’s really the advantage to download macOS High Sierra from us and how we compare ourself to Apple particularly for this file is that we provide macOS High Sierra DMG file within Google Drive and MediaFire, two powerful services like Apple that’s really rare to have a problem.


macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Final Version (17G66) September 26, 2019 (Uploading)

  • macOS High Sierra Final DMG file by Geekrar (One Full – Google Drive) – Just like we’ve seen macOS High Sierra DMG file is difficult to approach apart from the App Store which is likely to have a problem. With that though, it’s never easy to find macOS High Sierra DMG file from some unknown places.
  • macOS High Sierra Final DMG file by Geekrar (7 of 7 – Google Drive) – Following up these problems, we decided to put macOS High Sierra Final Version DMG file for users to take advantage of. This file is divided into two parts, so this one is in parts one which works when all the parts is there.
  • macOS High Sierra Final DMG file by Geekrar (One Full – MediaFire) – Rare times Google Drive prevents users from downloading a file which is shared with a large amount of users that they’ve downloaded. So whatever the problem, though we’ve covered them up, despite that, we’ve also attended the macOS High Sierra DMG file into MediaFire.

Note: The macOS High Sierra DMG is encrypted with the following password.


  • WinRAR — 7-Zip— For extracting and unzipping the files, you’ll need to download and install the latest version of Winrar or 7 Zip.
  • Fix Download Limit— If there’s some issue downloading the file, we’re always here to help, you can find the way to fix it.
  • Fix VMware Device/Credential Guard & VirtualBox – Error— When encountered with this issue that indicates this, here’s how to do a quick solve.
  • — If you’re unable to download the file due to authorization problem, we’ve fix it up with a super-easy guide.

While these files are safe like Apple’s one and they will work perfectly fine for installing macOS High Sierra, creating a bootable USB even creating a bootable USB for Hackintosh and wherever else. For installing macOS High Sierra on Windows like installing macOS High Sierra on VMware or installing macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox, there’s another file with another tutorial. Even we’ve covered up with download macOS High Sierra VMware & VirtualBox file and installing it and also fixes for macOS High Sierra problem that might appear in between installation, before or even after. Here’s the tutorial.

macOS High Sierra Installed

Install macOS High Sierra on Mac


Installing macOS High Sierra requires some hardware compatibility which macOS High Sierra supports. Here’s the list.

  • MacBook in late 2009 or later
    MacBook Air in late 2010 or later
    MacBook Pro in mid 2010 or later
    Mac mini in mid 2010 or later
    iMac in late 2009 or later
    Mac Pro in mid 2010 or later

Before installing it or any other operating system, and apps in some cases, we recommend taking backup of your entire Mac which would work super well if something is lost. Taking a backup doesn’t make lose anything but something wrong would probably eat up your favorite personal files which in result won’t be recoverable. So better take care before something bad happens.

In terms of download macOS High Sierra DMG file which Apple provides link, we’ve provided more clear and even better links from it which is tested and working for installing, creating bootable USB for Mac and for Hackintosh and wherever it is required. Download macOS High Sierra from there and it won’t have any problem. If there’s some problem with downloading macOS High Sierra from Google Drive, although we’ve covered up with the solution, despite that, we’ve also provided macOS High Sierra DMG file in MediaFire.

Once the file is with you, although you might have better idea of what to do with it. But for installing it on Mac, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. By continuing with a few prompts, choosing a disk, creating your account, it will be all done.

That was all about download macOS High Sierra DMG file. If there’s something remaining or would like to add, even suggestions, we’d happily hear that.

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If you looking on the internet a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5 DMG Files So, you come to the right place now a day shares with you a Mac OS Sierra DMG direct download without an app store this Apple operating system with so many new cool features added and all bugs fixed. you can direct updated to High Sierra from the apple store and download from direct link free no any cost now all features and full overviews below.

Mac Os Sierra Download Torrent

MacOS 10.12.1 boasts your mac’s safety and stability and can deliver various upgrades and enhancements. This update addresses a hassle for obligatory out of order indexing messages dialog. The third largest substitute for the Operating Gadget for apple macs is freed for macOS sierra 10.12. It could be released for more than a month after 10.12.1 and for a little more than one week after 10.12.1. macOS sierra. It also gives an additional substitute, adding special specter exposure fixes. It is a confident OS that enhances the performance of an OS by spreading upgrades.

Mac OS Sierra OverView:

This release contains several corrections to the audio stuttering of USB headphones. Better compatibility of the Mac App Store with all recent updates. In addition, support for Windows 10 Creators Update installation is also added. It also adds support to RAW formats for the camera and several improvements to photos. This release also fixes a date problem for customers in education and the company. Potential Kernel Panic prevention when a NetInstall image is started and a lot more to ensure stable conditions for everyone.

Siri debuts on a Mac, with new desktop-only capabilities. And that isn’t the only way your Mac is more intelligent. macOS Sierra enables you to rediscover your best photos, shop online quickly and easily and work between devices more efficiently. It may also contribute to freeing up valuable space. Now your Mac is doing more for you so that with your Mac you can do more.

This replacement provides additional platforms to determine and proclaim spectrum-and meltdown exposure inside beginning with stubbornness in macOS sierra 10.12. We also know the update opted for a Trojan horse that allowed any password to unlock the app save menu within the alternative system. In addition to these improvements, Apple launch notes state that substitutes fix special questions that might cause problems with messages. Any other poor function for fusion drives is apps. Finally, a reliable and strong system with an extension of updates and exceptional new tasks is kilometers away. you can also check out the Rufus for Mac.

Features Of Mac OS Sierra

  • Get things done by asking Siri, the intelligent assistant now on your Mac.
  • Enjoy your favorite features from iOS as well as new ones optimized for Mac.
  • Send messages, create reminders, search the web, and more while you work.
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste Siri results into your documents.
  • Pin Siri results in Notification Center and references them later.
  • Find files, adjust settings, and get system information just by asking Siri.
  • Copy and paste between your devices with Universal Clipboard.
  • Copy a quote, image, or video from an app on one device and paste it into an app on another device.
  • Automatically login with Auto Unlock.
  • Log in to your Mac automatically when you wear your Apple Watch – no need to type your password.
  • Enjoy the convenience and security of Apple Pay when you shop on the web.
  • Use Apple Pay to make easy, secure payments when shopping in Safari on your Mac.
  • Complete your purchase with Touch ID on your iPhone or with your Apple Watch.
  • Access files on your Mac desktop from your iPhone with iCloud Desktop and Documents.
  • Automatically store all the files on your desktop and in your Documents folder in iCloud, and access them from all your devices.
  • Keep the same desktop and Documents folder on your other Mac. Easily free up space on your Mac with Optimized Storage.
  • Automatically store seldom-used files in iCloud, where they’ll be available on demand.
  • Additional tools help you remove files you don’t need, to save even more space.
  • Get control of your desktop with tabs in apps.
  • Use tabs to manage multiple windows in Maps, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and more.
  • Work with tabs in your favorite third-party apps – no developer adoption required.
  • Keep an eye on the big game or your favorite video with Picture in Picture.
  • Float a video window from Safari or iTunes over your desktop as you work.
  • Place the Picture in Picture window in any corner, and it stays put when you switch spaces or work in full screen.
  • Rediscover the most meaningful moments in your Photos library.
  • Enjoy favorite and forgotten occasions from your photo library with Memories.
  • View your images by who’s in them. Photos use advanced face recognition technology to automatically group photos of the same person together.
  • Search your photos by what’s in them, such as beaches, dogs, or concerts, thanks to intelligent search that can recognize objects and scenes.
  • Track your photo expeditions across an interactive world map.
  • Enjoy an all-new Apple Music experience in iTunes.
  • Easily navigate your library with the redesigned Apple Music.
  • Discover great new music thanks to expert curation and advanced machine learning that give you the best recommendations.
  • Liven up your Messages conversations.
  • See web content previews and watch web videos right in a conversation.
  • Respond to messages with quick, handy Tap backs.
  • Express yourself with 3x larger emoji.
  • View the stickers, Digital Touch, invisible ink, and handwritten messages that friends send from their iOS devices.
  • Much More………………/

Mac OS Sierra DMG Technical Setup Details

Mac Os High Sierra Download

  • Software Full Name: MacOS Sierra 10.12.4
  • Setup File Name: macOS_Sierra_12.5.dmg
  • Full Setup Size: 4.6 GB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 14th Mar 2019

System Requirements For Mac OS Sierra

  • 8 GB free HDD
  • 2GB RAM
  • Core 2 Duo Intel Processor

Download MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 DMG OR ISO File Direct

MacOS 10.12.4 Delta DMG File HERE

MacOS 10.12.4 Combo DMG File HERE

MacOS 10.12.4 DMG Setup Installer Direct Link HERE

Download MacOS Sierra 10.12 .iso Setup File HERE