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Files with the DMG extension are bootable disc images, supported in Mac OS X systems. This files are often encountered with installers of software downloaded from the internet. Such files are opened with the Apple Disk Utility application, which is used for mounting images in Apple devices. After being mounted, the image of a file is displayed in the standard file manager – Finder, as a new volume.

A Mac OS X Disk Image contains a snapshot of a computer disk. It can be a hard drive, usb thumb drive, CD, DVD, memory stick, or any other device that stores data. Free programs to use.DMG files. File extension DMG is used by Apple Mac OS X Disk Image files. Mac OS X natively support DMG files with the bundled Apple Disk Utility, and can mount and treat them as though they are physical disk volumes. Mac OS Classic originally used the IMG file format for the same purposes, though this has now been superseded by DMG format. What Are DMG Files? DMG files are macOS disk image files. They are much like ISO files—their Windows-based counterpart. These disk images normally contain program installation files for macOS apps, but they can also be used to hold compressed files. Jan 17, 2018  File extension dmg is used by following file type(s): file type 1 description: Apple Mac OS X disk image file - common and mostly used.dmg file type. DMG is a mountable disk image file created in Mac OS X; opening the image file will mount a virtual disk on the Desktop; commonly used for software installers downloaded from the Internet.

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DMG images may comprise of different types of file systems. Theoretically, it is possible to create also hybrid images, containing multiple file systems. Using Apple Disk Utility we can use an image as source for CDs or DVDs being recorded.

In some situations, DMG files may contain installation software necessary for installation of the programs contained within them, thus they do not require using any additional tools.

DMG files in different operating systems

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In Mac OS X systems, the DMG files have substituted files stored in the IMG format in the previous version of the system: Mac OS Classic. Although DMG files are by default designed for devices running on Mac OS, there are tools which enable to converse them into formats supported by Windows. However, not every DMG image can be properly converted into format supported by Windows – furthermore, there is no guarantee, the image will be possible to operate on properly.

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What is a DMG file?

A DMG file is a mountable disk image used to distribute software to the macOS operating system. The file is typically downloaded from the Internet by a Mac user, then double-clicked to install an application on the computer.

Today, software developers typically build and distribute applications for Mac users as DMG, .APP, or .PKG files. DMG files are especially common since their contents can be verified upon installation to ensure they have not been tampered with and they can also be compressed to reduce the size of the installer.

When a Mac user downloads a DMG file, he can simply double-click it to open it with the DiskImageMounter utility that comes with macOS. When the DMG file is opened, it mounts a virtual disk on the desktop and in an Apple Finder window as if it was a CD or a USB flash drive that was just inserted into the computer.

In the Finder window, the Mac user can double-click the program icon, which is an APP file, to run the app. Or the Mac user can drag the program icon to the 'Applications' folder icon to move it to the 'Applications' directory in macOS.

After the software stored in the DMG file is installed, the DMG file is no longer needed. Therefore, DMG files can be deleted after installing the software.

While DMG files are Mac-specific and not intended for use in Windows, there are several Windows programs that can extract their contents or convert them to other formats. Some programs include 7-Zip, PeaZip, and DMG2IMG.

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NOTE: The DMG format replaced the .IMG file format, which was previously used in Mac OS Classic.

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