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Posted : admin On 12/27/2021

Agi Crit champion is an emerging build in the world of ragnarok mobile, with the improvement of card and equipment effects, creating an agi crit build champion is now possible. This build pretty much functions like agi crit sinx, except that champions have a very massive burst damage thanks to their skill asura strike. This build doesn't just rely on crit attacks, they also have skills like investigate, finger offensive, and combo skills. Just switch your LUK to DEX, then get all the combo skills/runes to convert to combo build!

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I enchanted my Orleans gloves with 3% Dmg Inc. But I dont know if its better to search for matk or something like that. Continue this thread. First let’s take a look at the list we’ve compiled. It includes some of the most useful and valuable cards in Ragnarok Mobile in terms of increasing atk and mitigating dmg. We have split these cards into several categories, Element Modifier, Race Modifier, Size Modifier, Dmg. DMG% is a modifier on top of the element size race modifiers so it boost everything relevant to your damage out put. It may be specified to melee range magic type or all type of damage, what ever that maybe, it is calculated after all the skill race element size modifiers have been calculated which is why it's strongest over all.

Acolyte Skills

9 blessing

9 increase agility

5 kyrie eleison

Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Israel

9 mace mastery

3 heal

1 holy strike(for pvp)

1 ruwach(for pvp)

3 light shield(for pvp)

Monk Skills

5 call spirit

1 zen

5 critical explosion

8 flee

5 steel body

5 investigate

5 asura strike

5 spirit recovery

Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Is Now

1 body relocation

Champion Skills

10 preemptive strike

3 spirit bomb refining

10 critical explosion passive

5 finger offensive

5 blade stop

1 ki explosion

1 palm push strike

5 free skill point

Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Is It Good

thara frog
steam goblin
nine tail
orc warrior
orc archer
kobold hammer
sky petite
green petite
dark priest
zipper bear
crit +10 & mdef +40
atk +40 & flee +10
ignore def +5% & hp recovery speed +10%
aspd +5% & crit def +10
refine atk +10 & pdef +40

Lower Limit

Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Issues

sword mace
cat ear beret
spiked scarf
devil wing
marchosias' tail
golden ornament
saint's robe
cotton shirt
rune shoes

Upper Limit

cat ear beret
spiked scarf
devil wing
marchosias' tail
vinkt's bracelet
saint's cape
rune boots
agi pin
agi pin
soldier skeleton
thara frog
baphomet jr.
male thief bug
chon chon

atk% while normal attacking


ignore def%

critical explosion aspd

asura dmg ratio

finger offensive cast time

kyrie eleison rush

steel body aspd penalty reduction

• Critical explosion(monk skill) already gives +20 crit

• Use expert precision stone when using knuckles, it removes size penalty

• % damage cards is a must to boost asura damage

• Asura is always neutral

• Asura doesn't work on mini mvp, only on mvp

• You can convert to combo monk by adding combo skills + change luk to dex

Death Slice [1]


Item Info

Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Is It Scam

Max Stack1
Sell Price

Equipment Info

  • Atk+580
  • Doubles Critical
  • AGI +10, STR +10
  • Auto attacks have a chance to get an Attack Speed Buff: Attack Spd +30%; last for 7 seconds
  • Dmg Inc. +3%; When Refine +5,+10,+15, Dmg Inc. +3%,+5%,+10%; When Refine +5,+10,+15, [Cross Ripper Slasher] Dmg +5%,+5%,+10%
  • [Death Slice] + [Noble Bracer]: Each 2% Attack Spd converts to 1 Atk
  • [Death Slice] + [Windrunner Cape]: [Cross Ripper Slasher] Dmg +5%
Upgrade ofLoki's Nail [1]

Craft Info

Craft Materials
  • Bazerald [1] II x1
  • Fang of Garm [1] x1
  • Rotting Rope x2000
  • Hypnotic Log x1000
  • Glow Metal x20
  • Shield Shard x10
  • Little Red Riding Hood x10
  • Zeny x1000000

Upgrade Process of Loki's Nail [1]


Ro Mobile Dmg Inc Is Working

Upgrade I Atk +20, AGI +2
  • Glass Bead x500
  • Mercury x50
  • Glow Metal x5
  • Pearl x1
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade II Atk +20, AGI +2
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Necklace of Wisdom x550
  • Skel-Bone x60
  • Glow Metal x6
  • Cursed Ruby x2
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade III Atk +20, AGI +2, Phy. Dmg +1%
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Abyss Flower x600
  • Armor Shard x80
  • Glow Metal x8
  • Wrapping Lace x3
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade IV Atk +20, Phy. Dmg +2%
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Witch Star Dust x650
  • Glitter Shell x90
  • Glow Metal x9
  • Key of Clock Tower x3
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade V Atk +28
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Crystal Bone x650
  • Glitter Shell x80
  • Glow Metal x8
  • Time Twister x2
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade VI Atk +53, AGI +2
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Box Wrapper x750
  • Christmas Garland x100
  • Glow Metal x10
  • Fang of Garm x3
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade VII Atk +55, Str +2
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Box Wrapper x750
  • Christmas Garland x100
  • Glow Metal x10
  • Ice Powder x3
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade VIII Atk +60, Str +3
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Fire Crystal x800
  • Harpy’s Feather x100
  • Glow Metal x10
  • Fiery Ember x4
  • Zeny x50000
Upgrade IX Atk +65; when refining +10, Phy. Dmg +5%. When refining +5/+10/+15, [Cross Ripper Slasher] damage +5%/5%/10%
  • Loki's Nail [1] x1
  • Burning Heart x900
  • Harpy’s Feather x100
  • Glow Metal x10
  • Shining Holy Water x4
  • Zeny x50000

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