Sword Art Online Hollow Realization How To Deal 30000 Dmg

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition General Discussions Topic Details. Oct 27, 2017 @ 2:33pm So how's this game's potato mode settings? Lots of games today can be played on integrated cards, everything from Civ5 and CSGO and Warframe to full on MMOs like TERA or WoW or Final Fantasy XIV. Nov 05, 2017 The game's difficulty revolves around optional quests, NMs and Bosses/HNMs. If you mess about with trash mobs too much, over-rely on Battle Skills/buffs, Over-level your characters or use the outright Best gear relative to your progress, then yes you will steamroll the main game, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that you won't die from time to time unless you just avoid the actual.

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'So you made enough col?' Nadar asked, the Moonlit Black Cats all sitting at the kitchen table as they ate breakfast. Four days had passed since the fight against the Gleam eyes, and the only difference between all of them was the executioner wearing his new scarf. It was much longer than his old one, and when he wrapped it around his neck both ends were hanging down his back, going down to just before his waist.

'Yep, 4,000,000 col as a total.' Kirito responded, smirking at the executioner. 'It took awhile, but we have enough for that cabin on floor 22.'

'Guess that means I'm going to have to hold up my end of the deal.' Nadar said, opening his menu and beginning a trade with Kirito. '1,000,000 col for all the furniture, and 30,000 to buy food and supplies for fishing.'

'Where did you get all of that col?' Silica asked, staring in shock at the numbers as they went through to Kirito. 'I thought you lost most of your money buying new weapons.'

'Our last boss fight proved to be extremely profitable.' Nadar grinned, leaning back into his chair as he cross his arms. 'With so little people being involved, the cut of col wasn't nearly as split as normal. Not to mention I easily dealt with most of its health I got the largest cut. And after that, I sold the item I got from getting the last attack. It was some helmet with the horns from the boss attached to it, so I figured someone on the front lines wanted it. Turned into a bidding session and I got 2,000,000 col for it. I totally robbed the idiot blind.'

'And we're looking at Agil for being a stingy seller.' Sachi laughed, shaking her head at Nadar's action. 'Tell me you at least explained that the special perk to it wasn't meant for a heavy armor user.'

'Eh, he'll have learned that after equipping it. Not my problem.'

'You're cruel.'

A knocking was then heard at the door, confusing the four. 'Weird… I wasn't expecting anyone today.' Nadar stated, looking over to the others to see if they were. All of them shook their head no, causing him to stand up and sigh. 'Great, so we got some punk looking around or something.'

As he walked over to the door, his good mood was visibly going away. Today is going to be one of the last days Kirito and Sachi will be in the house and he wanted to spend the day relaxing with them. But it was ruined the moment he opened the door. 'Look, whoever you are we don't know…' He trailed off, his eyes widening as he saw at least a dozen players all standing outside. Most were info brokers, but he recognized two or three as members of the Assault Team.


'Hello, could you answer a few questions?'

'Yeah, I read about what happened just yesterday.' Agil said as the entire Black Cats guild was sitting around the attic of his shop, various levels of exhaustion on them. 'With how those army guys detailed your fight against that boss, it's no surprise that so many players were trying to get info from you. No one's soloed a boss with 50% of their health still around, especially with a Unique Skill involved.'

'That doesn't make it any better Agil.' Nadar groaned, his head planted on the table.

'I don't know how control was lost so quickly.' Kirito spoke, sitting on the bed next to Sachi while looking outside. 'It started with just 12 players, but somewhere it got out of control and then 50 showed up.'

'There isn't even that many heavy axe users in this game, but everyone's treating Nadar's Unique Skill like it's the best thing imaginable.' Silica whined as she sat next to the table, Pina resting on her lap.

'Well, what do you expect when he used it to take on the Gleam Eyes like he did?' Lisbeth asked, walking in with some of her smith supplies. 'If there's even a chance someone could get a skill like that, knowing that he won't have it for much longer as well, would push anyone to try and find a way to get it.'

'The sad part is that I'm not even too worried about the crowd that's been looking for us.' Nadar said as he sighed. 'They're easy to get rid of when I threaten them with beheading. Keeping any nosy ass isn't even a chore to me at this point. No, there's something even worse that I'm expecting to come up.'

'What could be worse than a mob of players staying outside of the house constantly digging for information?' Sachi asked.

'Well if the news is just now spreading at the rate I believe it is, I'd say the problem will show itself in 3, 2, 1…'

'Guys!' Asuna shouted as she opened the door, panting as she attempted to regain her breath. 'We have a serious problem.'

'There it is.'

'You know, you've got a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like this.' Kirito stated as he, Nadar and Asuna all stood in center of the KoB's war room. 'I get you've been trying to get us to join the ranks of your guild, but now you're not even allowing players to take a break.'

'Now, now Kirito, it's a bit more complicated than that.' Heathcliff responded, holding a hand out to calm the Black Swordsman. 'While I would've had no problem if Asuna requested a break as she had last week, but she was asking for a complete leave of absence. All so that she could party up with your guild. We can't just have one of our top players shifting towards a rival guild, especially with the trouble that's been caused the past month.'

'Wow, I almost sense concern in your tone.' Nadar sneered. 'If you honestly care that much about Asuna's condition, then what the hell was that disgrace of a bodyguard?'

'You have my apologies for Kuradeel, he was out of line and I'm grateful that you of all people put him in his place.' Heathcliff aid, folding his hands together. 'But you must understand that while we're the top guild, our numbers are taking a hit as players grow less willing to fight on the front lines. But now, we just might have a means to fix that.'

'Oh? And is this where you throw in the 'join us' bone again?'

'You must understand where I'm coming from in this. The Moonlit Black Cats now have two members with Unique Skills, both of whom are already within the top players. If you joined us, it would serve as a rallying cry for the other players to join us and aid in beating this game.' Heathcliff then looked specifically towards Kirito. 'You of all people know how much of an impact your guild has had on players in the past. You're inspirations to the smaller guilds, guilds that would join us and grow stronger if they saw all of you with us.'

'Maybe, but none of that effects us in the end.' Kirito responded. 'There's no stakes in it for us other than giving up our family for a uniform. You don't have control of us and you don't control Asuna either.'

'Yes, but while she remains in my guild she must follow my orders. I understand your guild is very lenient towards more… rebellious actions.'

'I feel like that was a shot at me specifically.' Nadar interrupted. 'I feel attacked, if I'm being honest.'

'But we have protocol and rules in the Knights of the Blood Oath. So how about this?' Standing up, Heathcliff would smirk as he stared Kirito directly into his eyes. 'You will duel me with your twin blades. If you win, then I will allow Asuna to have her leave to be with your guild. But if you lose, the Moonlit Black Cats will join the Knights of the Blood Oath.'

'Now hold up for a second there.' Nadar spoke out again, this time taking two steps forward. 'Listen here Red Menace, trying to drag this whole guild in with a single fight seems rather unfair. Not to mention Kirito's going to be on his honeymoon by the end tomorrow. Under handing him like that's rather dirty and outright stupid. There's no way we'd all agree to that.'

'Oh? And what might it matter what you say?' Heathcliff questioned. 'You wouldn't happen to have your own idea on how to settle this?'

'I shouldn't have to, but I know Asuna's still loyal to the guild to just leave it.' Nadar sighed, shaking his head before glaring at the commander. 'So how about this, I'll fight you in Kirito's place. You beat me, and I'll join your guild without so much as an argument. But when I win, Asuna leaves and you won't pull another bullshit stunt like this.'

'Wait Nadar-'

'And the rest of the guild is left out of this wager.' Nadar shook Asuna's hand off, stepping closer to the commander as he tightened his fist. 'They have no stakes in this and have no reason to be dragged in. You get another Unique Skill, or we get Asuna and you back off. Sound good?'

Heathcliff would chuckle at the offer, his smirk widening as he looked at the executioner. 'Do you really think you have a chance against me, Mr. Executioner?'

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization How To Deal 30000 Dmg In Windows 7

'Yippie ki-yay, motherfucker.'

The response caught Heathcliff off guard for a second, but he then recovered and narrowed his eyes at Nadar. 'Very well then, I agree to your terms. We'll duel in the coliseum on floor 75. I expect you to be there on time.'

'Mark it.'

'I can't believe you accepted a duel against the commander!' Asuna shouted at Nadar as he sat within the coliseum. It was early the next morning and the turnout of the crowd was beyond ridiculous.

'I'm honestly surprised all of you are still surprised at this.' Nadar responded, cleaning his ear with his pinky while calm. 'I mean I've done a lot dumber things than this.'

'I think what's really surprising is the reason you agreed to this.' Sachi said, looking down to her brother with a tired stare.

'Hey, are you saying it's okay to just let the commander make Asuna's choices or try to pull us into his guild repeatedly?'

'No, but you made such an important choice without so much as letting us talk it over. If you lose, then you won't be a part of the Moonlit Black Cats anymore. We'll be lucky to see you any time before nightfall.'

'Well then I'll just kick his ass.' Nadar returned, standing up as he flicked his finger. 'I always wanted to know what would happen when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object.'

'I think you're overlooking something big here Nadar.' Kirito spoke, crossing his arms as he looked to the executioner. 'Taking on Heathcliff isn't going to be anything easy. His skills are made to almost counter anything you do. The only thing you have going for you in this fight is your higher Strength stat.'

'Then I'll work off that and see where it goes.'

'Do you honestly think it'll be that easy?' Asuna asked. 'Nadar, we all know just how powerful the commander's Divine Blade is. While it is true that you both have soloed a boss now, but he did it without breaking a sweat. You almost died when it was at half health.'

'I wasn't there for the floor 50 boss raid, but even I can tell how much power he has to have to do that.' Silica added. 'You can't just fight him the same way you do with the mobs, you'll lose in a ten seconds flat.'

'Don't worry Sili.' Nadar said as he patted the younger girl's head. 'I already have a few things in mind. True, he can probably block any swing I throw at him, but that's what I'm planning on.'


'Trust me, I know what I'm doing.' Nadar smirked as he walked towards the arena, waving back to them as he did. 'I'll admit that I'm at a disadvantage, but that wont matter when the fight picks up. Just sit back and watch the duel to end all duels.'

'Do you think he's going to be okay?' Asuna asked, looking over to Kirito.

'Nadar's reckless, but with every rushed move he makes there's a plan behind it.' The Black Swordsman responded, watching the executioner closely as he approached Heathcliff at the center. 'He's good at reading people, and out of everyone on the Assault Team he's fought beside Heathcliff the most. Maybe he actually has a plan for dealing with him.'

'It's going to take more than a plan to take on the commander.' Asuna stated, looking down in concern. 'I didn't care if I'd get my leave, not enough to have him risk his position with all of you.'

'Yeah, but he does.' Sachi smiled, placing a hand on Asuna's shoulder. 'I'm nervous for him, but I know that he'll give it his all. The commander might be the best player here, but Nadar's been a contender against him since the beginning. If anyone can beat him, it's Nadar.'

'I hope your right.'

'You know, when you said you made this match public I was expecting maybe a hundred people to show up.' Nadar said as he looked around to the crowd, seeing the thousands of spectators. 'I'm pretty sure almost everyone still in the game is here. And all just for a single fight.'

'You underestimate the impact you have on people Nadar.' Heathcliff stated, chuckling as he looked down to the executioner. 'You and I are beacons of hope for them, a light in the darkness this game has brought forth. Although I will admit, they must also be excited to see such a match. It isn't every day the game's best player get's challenged to a fight.'

'Well I'm always willing to accept them, but you should probably get your head checked once we're out.' Nadar grinned, grabbing his axe and holding it in his right hand. 'Cause last I recalled, I made the challenge to you. You tried to challenge Kirito instead.'

'God, you make it impossible to forget that ego.' Heathcliff laughed, opening his menu and sending a duel request to Nadar. 'But then again I of all people know that ego stems from a skill to match it. So don't expect me to underestimate you in the slightest.' The commander would then unsheathe his sword as Nadar accepted the duel request, going for a normal duel until one's health went into the yellow. 'So show me what you got. Go ahead, make my day.'

As the timer began to count down, Nadar would narrow his eyes as he focused on Heathcliff's shield. That tower shield was easily the most broken thing in this entire game, having damage absorption no game before has had. It's the main reason the commander was as recognized as he was. He's never dropped into the yellow under any circumstances. But he couldn't let his guard down, a few good hits from him and he'd be in the yellow as well. Both had similar speed, so unless Nadar could end the battle within a minute, he was going to lose.

Especially considering the fact he wouldn't be able to use Marauder's Malice: Full Force. With only one use left he had someone special in mind for it, and using it now would be pointless. So this would be a battle based around purely skill and strategy. Something the commander was praised for while the executioner was believed to lack completely. If Nadar was known for anything, it was his brutality and ability to overwhelm his opponents with strength alone.

The whole arena was silent up until the moment the timer hit 0, and in that second very second the whole arena sprung to life. Nadar was the first to make a move, grabbing his axe with both hands and rushing at Heathcliff. The commander would raise his shield and ready himself for the incoming blow, seeing a Strength skill getting prepared.

When Nadar swung, most of the arena was in shock at seeing Heathcliff's feet get moved back two feet. While it was no question that the commander could block any attack thrown at him, Nadar's strength could go toe-to-toe with any of the bosses fought up to now. Which meant that he'd have to be more active than he was in his few previous duels.

Activating an Agility skill, Nadar lunged forward with both feet and swung overhead. Heathcliff both parried the strike and moved to the side, allowing Nadar to go several feet past him before charging. The executioner would turn to see Heathcliff rushing at him, and without so much as a second thought he threw his right hand forward, catching the end of the commander's shield as he punched it out to him.

'He can use his shield to attack?' Kirito questioned in shock, surprised at the commander's sudden move.

'He's never done it before now, how did Nadar know it was coming?' Silica added in, staring in as much surprise as her guild leader.

Using his strength, Nadar would push Heathcliff back before swinging at him again, the commander blocking it and tanking the regular strike in stride. Nadar would then grip his axe firmly and prepare a Dexterity skill, his speed increasing temporarily as he swung a five hit combo at his opponent. Sparks flew as the crystal and metal clashed, loud ringing heard as the two's signature weapons collided.

At the end of his combo, both fighters jumped back from each other, their blank faces breaking for a second to speak. 'I must say Nadar I'm impressed. Your strength is as formidable as ever.' The commander commented, noting that his health had already taken some damage.

'Yeah, and your shield's even more protective than I thought it would be.' Nadar grinned in excitement. It wasn't often he was able to fight against a single player for a good match. The last one he had been against Asuna, but that wasn't one he could enjoy as much as this.

The two's faces then went to cold and measuring, both lunging out and attacking at one another. Both prepared a Strength attack, their collision causing a gust of wind to pick up around the whole area. After it, Nadar would lean back and block against Heathcliff's follow up with the pole of his axe. He then ducked under the third swing and moved under his arm. When he swung in retaliation, the commander was able to block the axe with his shield, the two beginning to trade attacks at an increasing speed.

As Nadar would push against Heathcliff's shield, Asuna watched in concern as the executioner was losing health, taking a cut from the commander on his stomach when he tried to get away. 'Please be careful.'

Seeing Heathcliff rear his arm for another attack, Nadar would plant his feet into the dirt and prepare a Dexterity skill while moving his head to the side, getting a small cut on his forehead. The commander was aiming for a critical strike, trying to end the match just as quickly as Nadar was. Both knew the other's strengths and were trying to avoid giving the other the advantage.

'As a Marauder, he gets more DPS as his health get's lower.' Heathcliff noted as he blocked Nadar's combo, his feet sliding back a foot from the final impact. 'And with his high Vitality, he'll have plenty of health to give up for damage. But he can't risk me outlasting him either. Attrition would be both of our downfalls.'

'Stop zoning out old man!' Nadar shouted as he activated an Agility skill, spinning around and slashing across the shield twice before landing on his feet while leaning down. As Heathcliff prepared for a downward swing of his sword, Nadar grinned and pushed up, a Strength skill activating as he did.

As the two swung their blades, Nadar shifted his shoulder to the side just enough to avoid the sword getting buried into him. It however did drain his health exponentially and knocked him back, his health just over the yellow thanks to the attack.

'This is bad.' Silica said as the two both prepared a Strength skill, the red lights fighting against each other as they readied themselves. 'Nadar's health is so low that he doesn't even need to get hit to go into the yellow. Just a single block and it's over.'

'He has to end this in the next attack.' Sachi concluded.

'It's now or never Nadar.' Kirito thought. 'Whatever you have planned, you have to do it now. Otherwise it's all over.'

Knowing the odds himself, Nadar took one calming breath as he narrowed his eyes at Heathcliff, shifting his feet into the dirt as he prepared himself. 'All right Nadar, you've played around long enough. Steps 1-3 are done, now it's time for step 4'

And with that last thought, Nadar gritted his teeth and ran forward, his axe glowing brighter the closer he got to the commander. Having the advantage of the executioner coming to him, Heathcliff remained focused and timed the executioner's approach. Just as his right foot got within a meter from him, Heathcliff reared his sword arm back and jabbed out to him, his sword glowing bright as it traveled towards Nadar.

Expecting the piercing attack, Nadar canceled his attack and allowed the light around his blade to vanish, surprising Heathcliff as he ducked underneath his sword. Nadar would then toss his axe up into the air, his right fist glowing as he prepared an unarmed skill. 'What's the matter commander? Didn't think I could make my own plan?' He grinned as he threw his fist forward, the orange light turning blue as the Dexterity effect took over. 'Swift Force!' Throwing his fist forward, Nadar aimed for the side of the tower shield, surprising everyone as he broke the commander's guard and knocked his arm to the side.

The whole arena went silent as the commander was now in a stunned effect, watching as Nadar caught his axe and prepared a Strength skill again. 'This is it Heathcliff!' Nadar shouted as he swung his axe, his victory all but assured as his opponent wouldn't be able to recover quick enough.

But just as his axe was close enough, Nadar felt as if the very programming around him shift. And in the tiniest fraction of a second, he saw Heathcliff move his shield into the position to parry his axe. Nadar could only stare in shock as he was out maneuvered and lost his footing, leaving him wide open to Heathcliff's slash across his side.

The force from the attack pushed Nadar away several feet, spinning across the dirt before coming to a halt on his chest. 'H-How did he…' The executioner thought in shock as he laid on the ground, his health dropping into the yellow, ending the match. As the crowd began to cheer at the result, Nadar raised himself up to his knees, staring endlessly up into the sky as he tried to wrap his head around what had happened.

'That… that shouldn't be possible. He shouldn't have been able to… how could he move that fast?' He'd think as Heathcliff shook his head and began to walk away. 'It doesn't make any sense. I had predicted him and got his guard broke. Not even Paladins have a quick enough recovery. I had the advantage, I knew exactly what to do but I still… I lost.'

'How could I lose?' Nadar finally said, sounding completely defeated as he looked broken. 'I thought I… was stronger than this. I haven't lost since… I shouldn't have been able to.' He then looked down to his hands, a red flash of cuts across his arms appearing before vanishing. 'This feeling, I remember it. But… from where?'

'Ugh, this is by far the ugliest outfit I've ever seen.' Nadar groaned as he stood in his living room, wearing his new white and red uniform. It wasn't too far off from his old outfit, albeit two buckles connected the coat and a thin chest plate was underneath. He also had on a pair of grey pants and boots, the crosses decorated on each piece of clothing. He felt like he was wearing a bastard child outfit between Kirito and Asuna. The only thing he was all right with was his scarf, having been allowed to keep it since it matched the uniform.

Both he and Asuna were alone in the house, the others deciding to head out to purchase Kirito and Sachi's house down on floor 22. Although before they did leave they asked for Asuna to keep a close eye on the executioner, no one knowing if he had something planned.

'Oh come now, I think you look great!' Asuna remained positive as she sat on one of the chairs, smiling as she clapped her hands together. 'It really brings out your red hair.'

'I'm not sure if you know this, but I don't exactly like being brought to attention.' Nadar responded before collapsing back onto the couch, looking up to the roof with a disappointed stare. 'This sucks, I have to actually start taking orders from people now.'

'I'm sorry I dragged you into this.' Asuna said, looking down. 'You got involved because of me, and now you were forced to join us.'

'Don't go kicking yourself over it, I made the choice to fight him in the first place.' Nadar groaned, sitting back up as he continued. 'I don't get along with a lot of people, but that only means I'm more than willing to help them when it comes down to it. And despite our rough start I would still fight Heathcliff to help you, even if I knew this would be the result anyways.'

Nadar then gave a bitter chuckle, closing his eyes as he began to think. 'You know it's kinda funny. When we first met, I didn't think anything of you. You were just another player that I would work with and then be shunned by. Hell, you didn't even know who I was or what I did back on floor 1 we were so separate. I don't know if that meant I was that significant in the politics of this game or you were just so out of the loop.'

'That… reminds me.' Asuna started to say, Nadar staying quiet to let her speak. 'I know it's out of my right to know, but what happened back then? I know you killed someone, but it couldn't be as simple as that.' Nadar looked away in response, concerning Asuna further. 'We've known each other for almost two years now, I learned since then that you don't kill someone for nothing. I just wanted to know, you don't have to answer if you don't want to.'

Processing her question, Nadar grew a somber expression, his eyes conveying a deep pain that's plagued him since the very beginning of SAO. 'Believe what you want, but I did kill someone. And it wasn't to protect myself either. My axe cut someone down, and they didn't even realize what had happened until it did.'

The reveal shocked Asuna, her voice dying in her mouth as Nadar folded his hands together. 'It was on the day of launch, just about an hour into playing. I was with four others, one of which was a friend of mine in the real world. She was a beta tester, so she showed us the ropes to level and even where the better quests were. The three others were her friends from other games, and they apparently had a tradition that they kept whenever someone new joined their group. And I…' The memory of him burying his axe into Serana's back caused Nadar's shoulders to tense, his hands shaking from the sensation. 'I made the worst decision in my life.'

'I killed my best friend, someone who helped me get through all of my problems in life. All because I wanted to fit in.' He then looked down again as he chuckled bitterly. 'And ever since then, bad things have happened to people who get too close to me. Every single person that I hold dear is constantly put in danger just for knowing who I am.'

'Diavel was the first person to accept me in SAO, and because of my weakness he died fighting Illfang.' He began to recount, thinking of all the people he killed or put in harms way. 'Then there was Keita, Tetsuo, Sasamaru, Ducker and Sachi. They accepted me and because I wanted to be a part of their guild they died, leaving Sachi with the pain of being a lone survivor. I dragged Klein into a mess of fighting an event boss when he didn't have any stakes in it. Sachi, Silica and Kirito were almost killed because of my vendetta against Laughing Coffin for reasons they didn't even know. And then I dragged all of you in to fight the Gleam Eyes because the memory of everyone I lost coming up.'

'My selfishness has put everyone in constant risk, and despite that I… I still can't help it.' He looked down in shame, feeling the weight of his guilt push down on him. 'I always tell myself that in the end I do this so I can end Kayaba and get everyone out of this game, but I know that isn't true. I have the life I always wanted here, and out there I have nothing left to go back to. I feel like, deep down, I'm stalling this for as long as possible, but at the same time I know the longer we're in here, the more likely I'll lose everything again.'

When he had stopped talking, Asuna was sitting in complete silence as she stared at the executioner. It was clear to her that everything that's happened has left a scar on Nadar's mind. And with the story of his first kill, the player was able to realize the meaning behind Nadar's words when he attacked Grimlock.

'There's people here who have never felt such a bond, who would treasure it more than their own lives! And then there's those who were too late, who can never have such a connection because… because of their stupidity!'

'He… loved her.' Asuna put together as she continued to stare at Nadar, the player refusing to look back as he stared to the floor. It had all made sense when she thought about it, especially taking what Lisbeth told her into account. He's had the chance to be with someone before in this game, but every time he's turned them down. To this day he hasn't forgiven himself for what had happened to his friend, and in turn feels that he can't accept anyone else's feelings.

Steeling herself, she stood up and walked over to the executioner. Hearing her footsteps, Nadar was expecting her to either walk out or to slap him, closing his eyes in preparation for her next action. However, he couldn't prepare himself for when she sat next to him and turned him to her, cupping his face with both hands.

'You can't blame yourself for everything, not after everything you've done.' Asuna said to him. 'Some things are just beyond our control, even someone with as much power as you can't prevent bad things from happening. It isn't fair to put all that weight on you when you're also the one fixing problems. It's thanks to you that most of us are alive. Kirito, Hachiman, Sachi, Silica, even I'm here because of you. Back against Illfang, it was you that took a direct hit from a boss to save players you had just met. You've protected Sachi and Silica with your life, and even saved me from the strongest boss we've fought.'

'Up until now, you've fought as hard as you could by yourself because deep down you feel that you'll be alone again.' Smiling, Asuna pulled Nadar's face closer and rested it against her shoulder, hugging him gently. 'But you won't be. I promise you that you'll never be alone again. We're all with you now and when we get out we'll find you again.'

Nadar's eyes widened at her words, his body on the verge of shaking as Asuna held onto him. He could only close his eyes and hold his tears back in her embrace, both grateful and hating Asuna for what she was doing. 'Damn it Asuna… why do you have to make things so much harder for me?' He thought, his hand clenching onto the couch as he contained himself.

'Hold the fuck up.' Nadar spoke up as he and Asuna were sitting in a room of the KoB's headquarters, glaring at Godfrey. 'You mean that me, the best Tank on the front lines AND the guy your guild hires to kill assassins of the highest caliber, has to go on a training session?'

'Afraid I can't do anything about it.' Godfrey shrugged. 'You me and two other players are going to form a party and clear a dungeon on this floor.'

'Now hold on Godfrey, he's a higher level than you.' Asuna argued. 'He clearly doesn't need to prove his skills to anyone here. And the commander said that he was under my jurisdiction. We're in the same party.'

'And that is true, but you know the rules Asuna.' Godfrey responded. 'He has to go through the training like everyone else, even if he is arguably the second best player in the Assault Team.'


'I expect you outside and ready in ten minutes Nadar.' Godfrey grinned as he walked out of the room, pumping his fist up in excitement.

'Can I rip him in half please? Wouldn't take much more than a minute.' Nadar brought up, looking over to Asuna.


'Had to try.' Nadar shrugged before standing up. As he got up, he saw Asuna's disappointed look, getting him to sigh and place a hand on her head. 'Hey, don't look so down. It's me we're talking about here. This dungeon will be done in 20 minutes flat. And when I get back… there's something I need to talk to you about.'

'What is it?' Asuna asked, getting a shush from the executioner.

'We'll talk when I get back. Not before.' He smirked before walking away. When he was out of the room, his smirk instantly went away and he looked down in shame.

'I'm sorry Asuna. If you hate me by the end of the talk I won't blame you.' He'd think as he made his way out of the castle.

When he got out, he saw Godfrey standing at the gate, waving over to him with his signature grin. 'Hey! We're over here, hurry up!' After calling out to the executioner, he reached behind the wall and pulled out two players, both of which Nadar instantly recognized and groaned over.

'Seriously, you're bringing out the oversized goblin and shaking coward with us?' Nadar asked the man as he reached the three players, giving a half lidded stare at his party members.

While Kuradeel is a very recent image burned into his mind, the other player Nautilus is a different story. Nautilus was a much more timid looking player, just shorter than Nadar with leaf green hair and brown eyes. Overall he was a rather basic looking player without his KoB armor and cape, but he had a bad rep among the front lines. He froze during a boss fight, forcing them to kick him off the Assault Team. And not long after, he had a similar issue when just going through a dungeon, causing Heathcliff to officially keep him off the front lines all together.

'Well yeah, we're all in the same guild now so I figured what better way to bury the hatchet?' Godfrey explained, patting the two's backs.

'Preferably in one of their skulls.' Nadar responded, noticing Nautilus' flinch. Even though Kuradeel had a special spot in Nadar's list of hated players, Nautilus held an equally special place. Nadar was with him on the boss raid when he froze, and it resulted in two players dying trying to save him. If there was one thing he hated more than a liar it was a coward. Especially when the player is more than capable of actually fighting.

'About the other day, I would wish to humbly apologize.' Kuradeel spoke as he bowed. 'I was far out of line and overstepped my boundaries.'

'Overflown is more accurate for breaking into a girl's house.' Nadar stated, not budging on his views on either of the players.

'Alright, now before we go there's a rule I have.' Godfrey spoke, getting all three player's attention. 'You're to hand over all of your crystals for this mission. This way, we can test how all of you respond under pressure.'

'Once again I do more than you do on the Assault Team.' Nadar added under his breath as he pulled a teleport, healing and repair crystal from his coat, putting them in Godfrey's hand.

'No antidote?' Godfrey asked as Kuradeel placed one of the mentioned and a healing crystal on the pile.

'No, my Marauder Class allows me to break through paralysis the moment I go into the red. You know that already Godfrey.'

Meanwhile, Nautilus was holding his healing and teleport crystals, looking down to them in concern. 'Do I have to give up both of my crystals? What if something happens and I-'

'We're on floor 55 you coward.' Nadar interrupted, glaring at the player and causing him to jump in his boots. 'Anything kills you, it's because you froze up and none of us did anything to help. It's not like you're going to do any of the actual fighting anyways.' He added in as he crossed his arms. 'Just sit back and watch the actual players do their job while you hide like you always do.'

The shaken player stared in fear at Nadar as he glared heatedly at him. The last time the two had met, it had been when the boss fight went afire. And Nadar made sure the poor player felt how much anger he had for his stun by knocking him into the dirt.

Swallowing the spit in his throat, Nautilus eventually gave up his crystals to Godfrey, taking the risk of a mob killing him over the immediate threat of Nadar. 'There we go.' Godfrey continued to grin as he pumped his fist up, visibly the only one excited. 'Now let's go clear us a dungeon!'

'Yeah.' All three unwilling members groaned while raising a single hand up, openly mocking their leader.

'Alright, I'd say this is a good time for a break.' Godfrey said as the squad reached an area within the canyon dungeon. It was one of the few areas where monsters didn't spawn, although it was still a danger since it wasn't a safe zone.

The three members all took up different rocks to rest on, Nadar and Kuradeel just a few feet away while Nautilus sat closer to Godfrey. When they were all seated, Godfrey summoned four bags from his menu and tossed them to everyone, Nadar catching the last one with a single hand.

'Just about done. A couple more minutes and I can get this day over with.' Nadar thought as he opened the bag, his mood souring as he saw the regular bread and glass of water. For second he imagined one of Asuna's sandwiches, the image vanishing instantly as he shook his head. 'Stop thinking about her! You'll just make it harder on yourself when you have to cut her off.'

His expression remained somber as he ignored the roll of bread and went for the water, closing his eyes as he took the top off and start to drink it. But just as he was about to calm his nerves he felt a sting in his throat from the water, recognizing the feeling and throwing the water away. He was too late however, and saw as the paralysis effect kicked in and he fell to his back.

Godfrey and Nautilus followed soon after, the former falling to his stomach while the latter's back going against the rock wall. The only one able to move was Kuradeel who was chuckling as he threw his still full bag to the side. 'Hehehehehe, hahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' That chuckle soon turned to maniacal laughter, his sadistic side showing as the three players were stuck.

'What the hell Kuradeel?' Godfrey grunted through the paralysis, trying to fight against it to no effect. 'You packed the water, what did you do?'

'Antidote crystals, now.' Nadar grunted back.

Even with his quick inventory, Godfrey wasn't able to use his crystal when Kuradeel jumped and kicked it out of his hand, staring down to the axe user with a grin. 'Poor ol' Godfrey, never really could figure out when someone was done with his shit. And here I thought you were just acting like an idiot to seem more relatable to the common trash in this game.'

'Kuradeel, what are you doing?' Godfrey demanded, his expression turning to one of terror as Kuradeel unsheathed his sword.

'What I'm doing!' He shouted, slashing down and cutting into the player's back. His green icon then turned yellow, Godfrey losing a fraction of his health. 'Is getting rid of some of the biggest! Loudest! Obnoxious thorns I've had to deal with!' With each shout, he cut into Godfrey again, slowly draining his health with each attack. 'The over acceptance and borderline cluelessness is by far the most annoying thing about you! Are you trying to be endearing to the lower levels or something!?'

Godfrey's health was starting to go down faster with each blow, Kuradeel's sword cutting deeper and deeper into his back with each cut. 'There's nothing more I'll enjoy then getting rid of you here and now! Anyone else in that insufferable guild is better than dealing with you! Even that bitch of a second!' Godfrey had given up on any chance of surviving, placing his hands on his head in hopes that Kuradeel would stop before it was too late.

'Like you have anything to say you anorexic troglodyte!' Kuradeel paused his execution as he heard Nadar, turning to face the glaring player. 'I've dealt with a shit ton of prideful and idiotic players that think oh so highly of themselves. And of all of them, you are the most disgusting and unbearable one I've had the displeasure of even looking at.'

'And then there's you.' Kuradeel growled as he walked over to Nadar, shifting his blade to hold it in a reverse grip. 'The biggest damn fake I've ever seen!' Kuradeel shouted as he stabbed the sword into Nadar's gut, twisting the blade to elicit groans of pain and to deal more damage slowly. 'Someone who talks the biggest shit I've ever heard, but is nothing but a whining nobody in real life. How could you even consider yourself as superior as you do when you're nothing but a worthless shit IRL!'

'Because I… recognize that.' Nadar grunted as he gritted his teeth. 'And unlike you, I face that and grow stronger on my own. Not use professional assassin's to teach me a few neat tricks.'

'Hehe, so you could tell huh?' Kuradeel chuckled as he looked sickly at the executioner. 'Yeah, your good friend PoH taught me a few neat tricks. Just the right kind to get in a good spot in the Knights of the Blood Oath and spy on your precious friend.'

'You were there for the sole purpose of watching her.' Nadar concluded as he held in any scream, not giving the satisfaction of his pain to the criminal. 'Why the hell would he care for something like that?'

'Because…' Kuradeel grinned as he pushed the sword further into Nadar's stomach, causing him to lose health faster. 'He knows the best way to beat you, is to take everything away from you.'

'Keep talking bastard.' Nadar thought as he kept a close eye on his health, which was now in the yellow and steadily dropping. 'Give me a second and I'll kick you're-!'

'Uh oh, I almost forgot.' Kuradeel spoke up, pulling the sword out of Nadar just short of him going into the red. 'You like your health in the red, that's when the fun stuff like poison doesn't work on Marauders like you.'

'What are you going to do then?' Nadar questioned. 'Kill Godfrey and the coward, but then what? You hit me again and I go into the red and turn you into a hollow carcass to use as a piñata. And if you leave me, I track you down, rip your face out from your ass and cut you into mincemeat. Either way you'll die and I'll be ridding myself of your foul existence.'

'You think we don't know that?' Kuradeel asked. 'My boss told me that dealing with you won't be possible if it goes down to a fight. After all, you've only ever lost against Heathcliff, no one is capable of beating you unless they have a Unique Skill. No, beating you requires a more, psychological touch.'

'The hell do you mean?'

'It's rather unfortunate we didn't form an official party.' Kuradeel brought up out of nowhere, confusing Nadar. 'And while it's also a shame you had to leave your old party, the one you did form will be able to serve its purpose.' That caused the executioner's eyes to widen in shock, Kuradeel's grin returning as a result. 'The Lightning Flash must be in complete panic seeing the notorious Executioner of Aincrad's health drop so suddenly. One could only wonder what she's doing right now.'

'If you think you can so much as lay a finger on her, I will rip. Your. Chest. OPEN!' Nadar screamed, his eyes wide in rage as he snarled at Kuradeel.

'Hahaha! That's the kind of look I was looking for!' Kuradeel laughed, turning to face towards Godfrey and Nautilus. 'Now then, to deal with the headaches before the real party begi-!' before the player could finish, he was completely blindsided and sent crashing into one of the rock walls, falling to the ground in pain.

Nadar's eyes began to shake when he looked to his side, seeing Asuna kneel down to him and hold a healing crystal to him. 'Heal!' His health instantly rose, his chance of a quick cure vanishing. 'Thank god… I made. I made it.'


'I saw your health take so much damage, I knew right away something was wrong.' The rapier user interrupted, smiling as she looked down to him. 'I'm just glad I made it here when I did.'

'Asuna, wait-'

'Hold that.' Asuna said firmly, standing up and turning to the rising Kuradeel. 'I'll take care of this problem.'

As she started to walk towards him, anger flashing in her eyes with each step, Godfrey saw something move in the shadows from the corner of his eyes. 'Wait!'

'They're after you Asuna!' Nadar's words came too late as a knife was thrown into Asuna's back, everyone's eyes growing in shock as she was paralyzed and fell to the ground.

'All according to plan.' Nadar slowly turned his head to stare at PoH, who walked out from the darkness of a nearby cave, looking over to Nadar. 'I must say, you've made it pretty hard figuring out how to deal with you. What with you completely changing up how you act after you destroyed Laughing Coffin.'

'Bastard…!' Nadar grunted as he tried to pick himself up, failing and collapsing down.

'But then luck would have it and you changed back the more she came into the equation.' PoH noted as he walked over to the downed executioner, kneeling down next to him. 'Oh how predictable you became after that.'

'Nadar, what's going on?' Asuna asked, looking back to him.

'Well Miss Lightning Flash, it's rather simple.' PoH responded instead, grabbing Nadar by the top of his head and pulling him to a sitting position. 'You see, people like me and your buddy here are known to hold quite the grudges. And after he ruined the whole fun for me and my pals, I decided that the only fair thing to do is take away something from him. And what better choice than the second person he's ever allowed this close to him.'

'I'm warning you now PoH…' Nadar breathed out as he stared in complete rage at the man. 'You so much as touch her, there's nothing in this game that will protect you from me.'

'What's the matter Nadar? Afraid that someone else will die because of you?' PoH asked before looking to Kuradeel, nodding once to the man.

Kuradeel grinned in response and jabbed his sword down, stabbing through Asuna completely. 'A-AAAAAHHHH!'

'Ah, that's the most therapeutic scream I've heard all day?' Kuradeel chuckled as he pushed the blade further, Asuna's health dropping at a quicker rate than the others.


'No!' Nadar attempted to move himself forward, only to be stopped as PoH held him in place. As the assassin kept him in place, he could only move his arm, struggling to move it toward his chest. 'Bastard…! I'll kill you!'

'Maybe, but what will be lost before then?' PoH questioned, smirking at Nadar's pointless struggles. At the same time, Kuradeel pulled his sword out enough so that only an inch was in her back, slowing down her loss of health but keeping it constant. 'I wonder though, what will impact your mind more? Losing Serana in the blink of an eye, or watching the life fade from Asuna's eyes?'

'Stop it! Stop it now!' Nadar bellowed as he tried to break free, his hand reaching into his coat as he fought against PoH's hold. 'It's me you want! You can kill me! I won't fight back! Just leave her out of this!'

'It's okay Nadar.' At Asuna's voice, Nadar's whole body froze, staring at her as she smiled weakly back to him. 'It isn't your fault, don't let them break you. I know you'd never hurt me.'

Nadar's whole world turned to black as everything around him felt void. He was staring helplessly at her as he watched her health enter the red. The sound and sight of Asuna shattering constantly going through his head as the vice commander had already accepted her fate. It brought him back to the memory of Sarah shattering right in front of him, and how he had caused his best friend's death.

'No… no…' Nadar sobbed as he looked down, the appearance of giving up bringing smirks to the two assassins. 'You're wrong Asuna, it is my fault. It's all my fault you and the others are in this mess.'

'You can't control what happens Nadar. Please… don't blame yourself for-'

'That's why…' Before she could finish, everyone was caught off guard as he removed his hand from his coat to reveal an antidote crystal. 'I'm going to fix this.' Crushing the crystal in his hand, the cure effect activated immediately, allowing him full movement once more.

PoH attempted to get back as Nadar rose, but was too late as he grabbed his wrist. 'You…' Nadar growled through his teeth, his eyes turning red as he began to twist the assassin's arm. 'I'll deal with you later.' Nadar's cold and controlled rage was brought out in full force now, as he completely bent PoH's arm the wrong direction and ripped it off.

Elbowing his gut, Nadar would knock him off his feet while at the same time going for his belt and grabbing a dagger, knowing that it would be laced with paralysis poison. Looking to Kuradeel, he didn't even hesitate as he threw the blade right at him, the system not even registering the preparation of a skill as it flew normally. By the time Kuradeel could react, the dagger had pierced right into his shoulder, causing him to lose his grip on his sword and fall back.

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Nadar didn't skip a beat as he ran up to Asuna and pulled the sword out of her back, stopping her health just short of reaching zero. 'How did you…?'

'After the Gleam Eyes, Agil made me have to carry an antidote crystal at all times.' Nadar admitted as he removed the dagger from her back before pulling out a healing crystal. 'I also don't like giving people my stuff, no one tells me how to manage my equipment but me. Heal.' Returning her to full health, Nadar was able to sigh in relief for a single second. That relief went back to the cold fury he had as he stood up and looked over to Kuradeel, who was staring in terror at him.

No words were exchanged when Nadar walked over to him and grabbed him by his arm, pulling him up and slamming him into the nearest wall. He then followed it by kneeing his gut before throwing his hand forward and slamming his head hard against the rocks. 'You know, back when I first met you I was in a good mood. Everyone was going to have Ragout Rabbit, a good get together. Then after that you went past my tolerance limit and broke into Asuna's house.'

Nadar then released his head and reared his fist back, readying an unarmed skill before punching Kuradeel's chest, knocking him back to the wall with enough force to make him bounce. 'To be honest, I should have just killed you there.' Nadar's calm yet enraged voice was sending shivers down everyone's spines, further cemented as he kicked Kuradeel's throat and kept him in place. 'I've killed for less, so it wouldn't have mattered much to me. But now… now I'm royally pissed.'

'W-Wait… please I don't… gack!' Kuradeel tried to speak, but was silenced as Nadar pressed his boot further on his throat.

'Cheap tricks don't work on me. Begging won't get you anywhere.' Nadar stated, kicking up and knocking Kuradeel up to his feet for a second. 'And don't forget what I said.' Throwing his fist forward, Nadar punched his fist right through Kuradeel's chest, dropping his health rapidly. 'I'm ripping your chest open for touching her.' Proving his point, Nadar pulled his fist out by his side, ripping a hole into the player's chest. It was nothing but the normal grid injuries, but it was clear that the damage was done and Kuradeel's health dropped to 0.

'See you in hell.' Nadar said simply as he shattered, spitting into the dirt where he last stood. 'Good riddance.'

'You win this round Nadar.' PoH thought as he used his good hand to grab a teleport crystal. 'But this isn't over yet.'

Before he could use it however, it was suddenly kicked out of his hand. Looking up, he saw Godfrey standing over him with his axe at the ready, pointing the end at him. 'You're not going anywhere.'

'Oh he is going somewhere.' Nadar growled as he turned to the two, his eyes glowing a vibrant red. 'Straight to hell with the rest of his guild. Where he belongs.'

'Stand down Nadar.' Godfrey warned, placing his right foot on PoH to keep him from escaping while pointing his axe at the executioner. 'PoH is wanted for questioning, we have to make sure he doesn't have any more agents within our ranks.'

'I don't give a damn.' Nadar responded, taking a step forward. 'I want him dead, he deserves nothing less than an agonizing death. It won't be slow, you can ask your questions as I cut him apart limb by limb.'

'I understand you have your own reasons for wanting him dead Nadar, but I cannot allow you to jeopardize other players because of some petty vendetta.'

Like a glass shattering, Nadar's eyes widened significantly in rage at Godfrey's words. His pupils were shaking as he reached back for his axe, clenching the crystal tightly as he activated a Strength skill right away. 'What did you just call my reasons? Petty?'

Taking a step forward, Nadar's whole body shook with anger as he glared at Godfrey, who stood ready for a fight. 'What would you know of my reasons for wanting him dead? Have you experienced what I have? Do you suddenly know everything there is to know about me? Do I look that predictable to you?'

'N-Nadar, m-maybe you should calm down before-ah!' Nautilus tried to speak up, but was scared out of his skin when Nadar's axe landed between his legs, causing him to crawl back in fear.

'I don't want to hear it from the coward too scared to move.' Nadar stated bitterly, staring at the player's still closed bag. 'It's players like you that piss me off almost as much as murderers like him. You were willing to watch others suffer or die while you remained silent, forgotten to those around you. It makes me sick for more reasons than I care to say.' He then looked back to Godfrey, his fury causing his fist to shake. 'And people like you, who make assumptions on someone you don't even know, thinking you can guess anything on them. Arrogance like that digs under my skin, and it pisses me off more each time it happens.'

The executioner then took a step forward, the dirt around his foot spreading away from the force. 'I've had a bad day so far, but I'm willing to give you one chance to walk away from him. If you don't, then I will not hesitate to go through you. He's had a lot coming and I will not let you get in the way of the vengeance he's had coming for two years now.'

'Nadar wait.' Asuna spoke up from behind him, still on the ground paralyzed. 'You don't have to do this, it doesn't have to be this way. Ever since the first day in here you've pushed everything you feel aside, all for the sake of getting revenge. That isn't a way to live, I know because I was lost in a single thought as well. I only ever wanted to do was get out of this game, and it had absorbed all of my thoughts and effort. But you showed me that I don't have to live like that, that I could break free from the shackles I put on myself.'

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'Please Nadar, don't be consumed by what you did. Don't let him get to you anymore.' Asuna begged. 'You don't have to be a killer anymore, you're not alone in this. Kirito, Sachi, Silica, Hachiman, Klein… me, we're all here for you. We can help you.'

'…' Nadar remained quiet as he looked down, both his hands shaking as he tightened them into fists. '…Stay away from me.'

'W-What?' Asuna asked, caught off guard by the response.

'I don't want you anywhere near me again.' Nadar responded, keeping his back to her as he spoke. 'You don't know a single thing about me, none of you do. I don't care about getting help for what I've become, because I became what I always wanted to be. Powerful. I'm no longer that hopeless kid that was picked on, the one that couldn't so much as speak out of turn without being scared of being corrected. In here, I'm the one people are afraid of, and I don't need people trying to change me back into that frail person I once was.'

'So I want you to stay the hell away from me.' He continued, Asuna staring in shock as he kept going. 'You think that someone like you can say she wants to help me? Up until floor 50 you were one of the countless nobodies that only saw me as a murderer. What makes you think you can say something of trying to help me when you're just as guilty for the way I've turned out? I'm no different than I am from day one, I've just gotten better at holding it in. So do yourself a favor and never come close to me again. It's better off for the both of us.'

'My selfishness has put everyone in constant risk, and despite that I… I still can't help it.'

Remembering his words, Asuna's eyes widened in realization at what he was trying to do. And after steeling herself, she fought against the paralysis and pushed herself up as much as she could. 'Look at me.' She stated, getting no reaction from him. 'You want to cut our ties like that? Fine, but you have to look me in the eyes and say that. If you do… then I'll accept it and Godfrey and I won't stop you from attacking PoH. So if it really means that much to you, then look at me and say it.'

'Tch!' Nadar bit his lip as his fists continued to tremble, the shaking moving up his arms as his shoulders tensed.

'If you're really as bad as you claim to be, it shouldn't be that hard.' Asuna continued to egg him on, pushing him to his limits.

'You know what Asuna? I hate you so much.' Nadar slowly said as he started turning to her, the motions scaring her. But as he was halfway through the step, she saw him release his fists before his whole body relaxed. And when his head finally turned, she saw the once enraged eyes of Nadar turn to a mixture of relief and disappointment. 'I hate how you managed to call my bluff.'

A wave of relief washed over Asuna at his response, her lips curling up to a smile as he pointed back towards Godfrey. 'You can take him, but he must never see the light of day for as long as we're in here. If I so much as hear the name PoH I will storm the prison and rip him to pieces. Are we clear?'

Seeing the executioner stand down brought comfort to Godfrey, the Tank sighing as he lowered his axe. 'Yeah, we have that cleared up. You won't have to worry about him anymore.'

'Good. Now get him and the coward out of my sight before I change my mind.' He ordered, resulting in Godfrey lifting PoH up and walking over to Nautilus.

'You're a fool to trust him.' PoH said, speaking up as he looked towards Asuna. 'You'll learn soon enough that getting this close to him will result in nothing but pain. Misfortune is his norm, and when it comes you'll be the one that dies.'

'No, she won't.' Nadar responded calmly, his whole body remaining collected and determined as he stared at the assassin. 'Because I'll always be there for her. I'm not the same kid I was at the start of SAO; I'll protect her for the rest of my life along with everyone else.' He then narrowed his eyes, letting the remnants of his anger appear for one last sentence. 'I've grown past what you represent in me, you no longer haunt me.'

PoH would stare back at Nadar with a neutral expression, taking in each detail of Nadar's face and posture. As Godfrey pulled out teleport crystals, he would grin at the executioner. 'You can't escape us until either you or the three of us are dead, and you know that.' And before he could say anything else, Godfrey used the crystals and all of them vanished.

When they were finally gone, Nadar turned and walked over to Asuna, her paralysis wearing off as he held his hand out to her. 'Thank you Asuna. For not giving up on me.'

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Asuna smiled again as she took his hand, getting pulled up by the executioner. 'You didn't give up on me back then, so I couldn't just let you-whoa!' Before she finished, Nadar tugged Asuna and he wrapped her up in a hug. 'N-Nadar?' Asuna blushed, feeling his chin rest on her shoulder.

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'I… know this might be asking a lot, but could you stay with Silica and me back home?' Nadar asked. 'If Kuradeel's been with them for long, then any of PoH's remaining men will know where you live. I know you can defend yourself, but… I just want to make sure you're safe.' He'd say as he held her tighter, his embrace acting like a shield.

She stared in surprise at Nadar for what felt like forever to him, but eventually she returned the hug. 'Alright, I'll stay by your side. You can protect me and I can protect you.'

'Thank you.' Nadar breathed out as he began to relax, looking down to the ground as the two remained in their embrace.

'I promise you Asuna, I'll fight for you for as long as I can. You and everyone else will get out of this game and return back to the real world. Even if it costs me everything I'll give it up for you.'


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