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↑ Trundle's profile page at Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aug 13, 2018  Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next.NEW SKIN. UNKILLABLE IN THEIR FOUNTAIN (LEGENDARY) - BunnyFuFuu - Duration: 10:46. Who should I ult when I play Trundle? Or = ulting the incoming riven gives your team 'defense' because making her easier to kill means she cant do dmg when shes dead. (If she was going to die regardless of your ult then dont do it). I would actually watch League YouTube videos if they didn't say 'OMG NEW CHAMP IS 100% BROKEN EMOJIEMOJIEMOJI'. After playtesting, this is not the case. QSS removes all of the bonus armor and magic resist that he gets, even from the initial drain. A well-timed QSS turns Trundle's ult into a 20% max health steal, providing absolutely no bonuses to him after the debuff is cleansed.

Some champions AP scaling have been bothering me for a while now and with the updated Miss Fortune and all her weirdness, I felt the need to talk about it. This is gonna be a long one.
First the Miss Fortune weirdness:
Double up (Q) now scales with AP but does physical damage, not so bad since it does scale off of both AD and AP
Impure Shots (W), this is just weird, only scales off of ad but does magic damage?
Make it Rain (E), pretty standard Marksman ability that for some reason scales with AP
Bullet Time (R), and the really weird part, scale only with AP but deals physical damage, while also proccing Impure shots to do magic damage.
At first glance this kit is simply confusing and go against how most champions in the game do damage.
Physical damage scales with AD and Magic damage scales with AP.
So with this in mind I began looking at all the champion abilities and noticed some weirdness. Some champions just have one ability that scale with AP while the rest scale with AD, this just doesn't make sense to me given that the new MF exists in this game. I understand the need to give a champion more than one type of damage, but since ability scaling no longer applies with the old formula, Magic Dmg=AP and Physical Dmg=AD, these ability scalings feel weird to me.
I'm not saying that this needs to be changed, it just seems weird to me that they exist. These scaling for the most part just feel like their a hold over from the older days of LoL, before some champions broke out the old roles.
I understand that the abilities that AP scaling usually have to utility, but since its there only one AP scaling ability in the champion's kit it might as well have no scaling at all, since no one will build around just one ability, hence it feels weird that the ability only scales with AP since ultimately the AP scaling is pointless.
First the worst offenders, Those with only one ability that scale with AP.
Ashe: Only her ult scales with AP, this always felt strange to me and is easily fixable, take some damage from the base and make it AD instead of AP. This feels like a hold over from when the game was new.
Fiora: This is just strange her counter attack does magic dmg and scales with AP why?
Graves: Why does smoke screen do magic dmg anyway isn't graves supposed to be an AD mage?
Jarvan 4: This is just ridiculous, his flag has an ap ratio, it makes no sense.
Jinx: Again just Flame Chompers scale with ad why? Their CD is high and its hard to hit people with it so why no ad scaling?
Kah'Zix: Why does his passive scale with AP, or really why does it scale at all? A lot of champion passives that do dmg on auto attacks don't scale at all while his scales with AP, a stat that none of his other abilities scale with.
Lee Sin: His shield in my opinion should not scale at all, it already good enough as it is but then you make it weird by making it an AP scaling, when all his other abilities scale with AD.
Nocturne: Again just weird that only the fear has an AP scaling.
Quinn: This one is especially strange since Blinding Assault scales with both AP and AD. Why? No other ability in her kit scales with AP so why does blinding assault.
Rengar: His roar could just scale from AD, makes no sense that it scales from AP. This also led to that stupid AP Rengar craze.
Renekton: His ultimate scaling with AP is just odd when all his other abilities scale with just AD.
Sivir: Boomerang has an AP ratio, what?
Trundle: Again with the AP scaling ult, and the ratio is **** too, 2% per 100 AP, whats so bad with a flat amount.
Twitch: I honestly can't figure out why Contaminate has an AP scaling.
Urgot: In a world where riven exists, why can't Urgot's shield scale with AD?
Vi: Excessive Force(E) has a AP and AD scaling, just why. This comes out of nowhere for no discernible reason.
Warwick: Couldn't hungering strike easily scale with AD, or make his ult also scale with AP.
Wukong: Why does the clone even do magic damage in the first place.
Yasuo: Why does this AD assassin have a dash that only scales with AP?
Yorick: Why does Omen of Pestilence scale with AP when his other ranged ability that heals him scale with AD?
Now for Champions that I feel could be built like an AP mage with a slight change to their kit. As it would seem that Riot wanted to give them that option and yet not at the same time. These champions have two abilities that scale with AP in their kits, with one of them being their ult
Aatrox: His E has both AD and APscaling, and his ult only has AP scaling. To make more of a mage why not give his Q an AP scaling as well since it seems like you want hime to have the option of being a mage.
Caitlyn: The AP scaling in her kit just feels weird, they always have to me. Why doesn't at least the net scale with AD?
Lucian: Just add an AP ratio to Q, really easy solution to make him viable as AP, this seems intended when his W has a 0.9 AP scaling.
Pantheon: His stun doing magic dmg and scaling with AP is just a hold over from the old days of LoL, this should be changed, because riven exists.
Shyvana: Seems weird that Flame breath scales at all since it takes percent health. But make burnout scale with AP and we'd have a decent mage brusier.
Varus: Another AP scaling Ult for no particular reason when it seems like hes supposed to be an AD caster. However if one of his other abilities also scaled with AP he could be a decent mage.
Thus concludes my list of Champions with weird AP scaling. Again, I'm not saying that these need to be changed, but for the sake of clarity I think they should at least be looked at and discussed.
TL;DR Champions with only one ability that scale with AP creep me out.

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Trundle Ap Ult Dmg Videos

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