Using 7zip To Extract Dmg Files

Posted : admin On 12/27/2021

Non-Macintosh systems may access DMG files and extract or convert them to ISO image files for burning. Several applications are designed to offer this solution for Windows systems. 7-Zip and DMG Extractor are the best options to open DMG file on Windows because they are compatible with the most DMG variations. Aug 13, 2019 It is a data container or a compressed file that is used to hold one or more files and folders inside it. It is like a regular folder on your PC, and there are many other files and folders sometimes within it with the purpose to organize. Today we will be teaching you how to open.RAR files in Windows 10 using WinRAR, WinZip, BitZipper, and 7-Zip.

Apple usually releases iOS files ending with IPSW file extension. For developer versions of iOS 7, it is a different case. All of the developer files of iOS 7 are released in DMG format.

Say, for example, you have recently downloaded iOS 9 file on your Windows 8 computer. And if It’s a DMG file - you will not be able to run or open this firmware because DMGs work only on Macs. You have only one option: to convert the DMG file into .IPSW format.


You simply cannot remove “DMG” extension from the file and replace it with “IPSW.” It doesn’t work that way — I have tried renaming DMG to IPSW extension which resulted in nothing but a waste of 25 minutes. Here I will share my top tools I use for converting files into IPSW format.

Additional notes: 7-Zip is a very popular program, and one that is absolutely free, available only for PCs running Windows operating system. I have been using this program since 3 years on my Windows XP (yes, I do use XP) and Windows 8 machine.

Steps to download 7-zip:

  • Visit the official Z-7ip website.
  • On the top you will find the download links (EXE and MSI file).

Using 7-Zip to convert DMG to IPSW:

  • Click on Add or go to File -> Open.
  • Select the DMG file stored on your computer.
  • Click “Extract” button and select the destination folder.

Additional notes: DMG Extractor is a Windows-only utility. You will be downloading only the free version of the program, which is enough to convert DMG into IPSW file format. This app works on Windows 8, 7 and Windows

Steps to download DMG Extractor:

  • Visit the DMG Extractor website
  • Hit the Download button.

Using DMG Extractor to convert DMG to IPSW:

  • Click on the “Open” button.
  • Select the DMG file stored on your computer.
  • Select the IPSW file visible on the right window pane.
  • Click on “Extract” to obtain the desired file.

Additional notes: Power ISO is a disk utility program that does more than simply converting and extracting files. It can burn, split, and encrypt files easily. Note that Power ISO is available as a paid product for WIndows! Mac users can download PowerISO for free.

Steps to download PowerISO:

  • Visit the official PowerISO website.
  • Download the program for free (they do have “try it before you purchase” scheme)

Using PowerISO to convert DMG to IPSW:

  • Go to File -> Open menu.
  • Select the DMG file stored on your computer.
  • Click the “Extract” button to export the file in the format you want (IPSW, in this case)
  • Select the desired location you want to save the file.

Additional notes: TransMac is a paid tool that can format disk drives, copy DMG images, compress and read hybrid CDs. Priced at $48.00, the program works on Mac OS X (including Mountain Lion 10.8), Windows (Win 8/7/Vista and XP).

Steps to download TransMac:

How To Zip A File With 7zip

  • Visit the official TransMac website.
  • Download the program for free (EXE and DMG (in ZIP file) available)

Using TrasnMac to convert DMG to IPSW:

  • Go to File -> Open menu.
  • Select the DMG file stored on your computer.
  • Select the file from the right Window pane. Extract it.
  • Save this new IPSW file on your computer.

Additional notes: The new WinImage, compatible with Windows computer, is a tool similar to PowerISO. It is free for a couple of days, after which you will be asked to purchase a valid serial key.

Steps to download WinImage:

  • Visit the official WinImage website.
  • Download the program for free (they do have “try it before you purchase” scheme)

The file conversion process is very similar to the other tools.

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DMG Converter


DMG files are disk images, which are used on Apple Mac OS X. They can be burned on CDs or DVDs or they can be mounted as a volume. Mostly file system HFS+ is used in DMG archives.

7Z Converter


7z is an archive format which was introduced 1999 with the 7-Zip open source file archiver. 7z is a container format which supports a variety of compression and encryption algorithms. Some examples are: bzip2, LZMA2 and LZMA.

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