What Is Shivas Dmg Cap

Posted : admin On 12/28/2021
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What Is Shivas Dmg Cap

Increase damage cap (At least for Hlucid)

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What Is Shivas Dmg Capsules

[I play in Reboot so keep that in mind for any damage numbers]
With the amount of upgrades that are possible, it's become relatively easy for someone to hit cap damage. (10 billion) This becomes especially true in endgame boss parties with the amount of buffs and party buffs. And this causes a problem for slower, harder hitting classes when doing hard Lucid.
Hard Lucid has 45 Trillion HP, or 40.5 Trillion with the upcoming nerf. This means that over the 40 seconds you can damage Lucid, each person has to deal around 7 Trillion damage in order to do their portion. At the current cap of 10 billion damage, that means one has to hit cap damage 700 times in order to contribute. Now, this isn't a problem for many classes, as they deal far more than 700 hits in the allotted time. However, there are some classes like the one I play, Shadower, that quite literally cannot do their portion of damage.
Shadower's main bossing skill, Assassinate, does around 470 hits at max attack speed. Shadowers have a few other skills to supplement this damage, but they are relatively insignificant. In total, even if a Shadower is hitting cap damage with every single Assassinate hit and is using their other skills, they still fall at least a trillion or two damage short of what is required. Assassinate could be hitting several time the damage cap, perhaps upward of 30 to 40 billion damage on the strong hits, but is limited to only 10 billion. If the damage cap were increased to allow slower hitting classes to hit their full amount, then every class would be on an even playing field, unlike now.
Obviously, there is the option of doing less damage and letting party members cover for whatever damage you can't deal. However, if someone is over-geared for Hard Lucid, and still can't even do their portion of damage, then there is a problem with the mechanics of the game.
tl;dr Slower hitting classes suck at Hard Lucid phase 3, and so increase the damage cap.


What Is Shiva's Dmg Cap Made

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    if they wanted hlucid to be more balanced they would drop her hp by 1/2 in p3 and add the elemental resist to her.
    But they chose this instead. /shrug
  • Might as well raise dmg cap in Dream Defender at some point too. Can you believe that only NL can solo hard lucid phase 3? lol
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  • Well theoretically you're not supposed to be able to reach the damage cap, the only situation you'd be reaching it is when you pop all your burst skills, which should last only about 10 seconds. You can have others carry your weight either way, you should have 4 DPS in your 6 man party.
  • There shouldn't be a silly cap. I can't believe there still is.
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    There shouldn't be a silly cap. I can't believe there still is.

    When Nexon made the cap 10b, they actually said that they 'removed the damage cap.' They also proceeded to reduce the number of hits-per-second for classes that were traditionally slow-but-hard-hitting, and had their lines increased back when the 50m cap became too restrictive.
    I think they didn't do their math right, and actually thought that 10b cap was unreachable.
    (It is good programming practice to always have a cap, to avoid bugs from throwing things too far off-track. However, if they truly intended for there to be 'no cap', then they should have put the invisible technical cap considerably higher.)
    I agree that the cap should be raised to where nobody could reach it. Otherwise, many skills need to have hits added (and damage per hit reduced), again.
  • 1st cap was 200k and that wasn't reachable at all
    then comes potential and cap raised to 1m
    later additional potential comes and cap is increased to 50m
    with 5th job dmg:s were doubled and cap raised to 10b
    i don't mind having high cap but when bosses require dealing cap there's something badly wrong. hard lucid isn't even harder than normal lucid, just requires plenty more dmg. (same goes with basically all 'hard' bosses).
    increasing the cap doesn't really help if next thing that is coming requires dmg counted from new cap.
    even 100b could be reached with 25* system and perfect pot+bpot items (noone has done it yet since it would cost couple of millions of dollars/euros).
    what nx should do is to create dmg cap for each class from their lines per second values to make every job balanced endgame (every skill is fine too).
    like noone should be able to do more than 1T/sec (that would make soloing hlucid impossible which it really should be, this is MMO afterall)